Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Dimension

Lindi here.

I'm working on a new story. Well, trying anyway. It just wasn't coming together, you know? I really love the hero and heroine. I like their stories. The excitement was there as I started the manuscript.

Not that I thought this was going to be a breeze to write. We all know that 'breeze to write' novel is a gift that doesn't happen every time, right?

But I hadn't imagined getting stuck so quickly like I did.

I hadn't imagined the time in front of the computer with nothing getting on the pages.

I hadn't imagined I was missing something.

Something I had never imagined I would write.

I devoted Saturday to working on the novel. I had done a little editing when it came to me. The idea of a new character.

My hero and heroine are still in place. They still have the same storyline, but this new, pint-sized character has already added a dimension to the story that I never envisioned.

I know God added this dimension because I NEVER had this in mind. I NEVER once thought  a pint-sized little girl would pop into this story.

No, I believe the Lord heard my prayers, knew my struggles and came to my rescue.

That's MY story, and yes, I'm sticking to it.

What stories had God revealed to you?


  1. I've had a couple. The one I'm editing now came to me in a dream. I was working on a Scottish historical at the time. After several weeks of the same dream I decided to tell her story.

    The other one was one of those that was actually plotted quickly ( I don't plot) and written quickly.

    I keep praying God will continue to intervene. These edits are taking too long.

  2. Christina--cool stuff--I love the dream aspect. Yes, girl, get that story down.

    I had the first paragraph of the 3rd book in the Richness in Faith series come to me just while I was waking up one morning. I quickly wrote it down.

    And it's always a GOOD thing when God intervenes. :)

  3. Lindi, I can't wait to read the new character!

  4. Christina, it sounds as if God did give you that story!

  5. Lindi, that sounds very much like what just happened to me in plotting this new story I'm working on. The idea of a little girl added a whole new dimension and made everything cclick together so much more tightly!!! Unbelievable coincidence :)

  6. Eva Maria--Wow--that is God working, isn't it. :) I love how it happened to both of us. The same thing.
    And then when things click together it's like the words flow so much better--and faster, I'm hoping. :)

    Missy--thanks for always being so supportive in this crazy journey.

  7. I think that's one reason plotting isn't a bad thing. Surprises are in the writing no matter how much you plot. I'm looking forward to reading Summer's Song. It's on my side table, waiting its turn, but it keeps singing to me. I love the title!