Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Graveyards & Ghosts

Angie here: one of my hobbies is traipsing around ghost walk tours. I love the stories, history, and imagination it takes to go back in time. I love learning who the people were, the crazy things they did, and how those stories impact our lives today. 

My husband and I started ghost walk tours as an interest on a vacation many years ago. Then it blossomed into looking for ghost tours in every town we visit to get the "real feel" of the area and history. Oh what a hobby monster we created! 

Then I found one right in my own home town!
Missoula Cemetery Stories & Stones happens every October on the last Sunday.
Missoula Cemetery

Garnet Preservation Association actresses breathe life into people from our past.

After visiting Garnet Ghost Town a few weeks ago, seeing the Garnet Preservation Association actresses become ladies from our ghost town brought a deeper experience to my research. They were so cute interacting as if they sat and drank tea gossiping about their neighbors. And yes, all in our Missoula Cemetery during the Stories & Stones tour. Come next year!

Does your town have a ghost walk or cemetery reenactment?
Do share. I might need to pop on over to feed my hobby monster ;)


  1. We have the talking tombstone tour on the 3rd Saturday of October each year. In Weatherford Texas. I am one of the presenters. I usually portray some one from the 1850's or 1860's. This year i was a lady from 1952, not an easy task for me to swich centuries like that.

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  3. Loree--how fun! I bet you did a great job. :)

  4. What a blast, Loree! I would like to do it. It's possible to sign up, but the time commitment and research has me nervous. Still, I think it would be so awesome.

  5. How fun! I've really enjoyed those tours in Savannah, Jekyll Island, and Boston. Each time, I've been chaperoning my kids' school trips, so it's great fun to watch the kids! :)