Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making Tough Choices

Missy, here. I mentioned a new app a while back (I think it was on here). It's called HoursTracker, and I have it on my iPhone. It's a great app that I'm using to clock in and out. I've broken down my work into jobs, listing each manuscript, promo, email, blogging, social media, etc. Click here for the app.

I got the app because I've felt like my "batteries" are drained. I wanted to see where my time was being spent.

After tracking for the last few months, I confirmed what I suspected. I'm spending way too much time blogging. So I'm going to be cutting back. I love this blog and all of you, so rather than pulling away from the blog, I've decided to post monthly.

I'm sure you all understand. I'll continue to post on one Thursday each month (not sure yet which one).

Do any of you have a method for tracking how you spend your writing time? Do you find yourself spending too much time doing work other than writing?


  1. I definitely understand where you're coming from, Missy. I can find dozens of things to do - "important" things - like the torture of a lip and eyebrow wax. After all, that's research - "torture" - right??
    Blogging, social media, etc. are time consuming so I do understand and will look forward to your monthly blog!

  2. I understand, Missy. I am just a reader, retired, but stay way too busy on them but wish more would follow your idea.
    I will continue to enjoy your blogs on your new schedule.
    Jackie S.

  3. Edwina and Jackie, thank you! I appreciate you hanging out with us here.

    LOL, Edwina, on the lip and eyebrow wax! :)

  4. I've been using hours tracker too. Love it. But also felt overwhelmed. I think reprioritizing is crucial. So rather tha a post a day, faithgirls will have 2-3 a week. Great regular schedule still but less overwhelming on everyone.

  5. Yeah, Angie. Better for everyone. Blogging and social media can take over lives! :)