Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Yet Sad

Lindi here.

This week is Thanksgiving. Filled with great food, family and tradition, a lot of people enjoy a few day off of work. Some, though, work like crazy! (Can you say retail and restaurant workers?) Don't get me started on these stores opening at crazy early hours and now, they are opening on Thanksgiving Day. That's another subject for another post.

But, back to my title, Thankful Yet Sad. I do have so much to be thankful for. My great family for one!

Picture: Hubby, kids, their spouses and my grandchildren.

I also have a huge extended family, and I love getting together with them. We see some on Thanksgiving Day, we see others the Saturday after Thanksgiving, where it has become tradition to gather at our house for a day of fun, food, family and football.

Okay, for the sadness part, my boy-child and his wife, pictured below, moved to Chicago earlier this year and they aren't able to make it back to the ATL for Thanksgiving. (boo-sniff--me crying!)

They are planning their very first dinner--and I know they are having fun together. We will miss them, though!

How about you? Traditions? Happy stuff going on? Some sad emotions as well? We'd love to hear what your Thanksgiving is going to look like this year.


  1. Oh, I hear ya!! I usually go to CT to spend the holiday with my sister. It's kind of our tradition ever since we met. This year I'm not able to go as we have had a lot of trips and even more coming up with Sarah's wedding. :( Bermuda doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so we probably won't be doing anything. And I won't get my whole family together this year until the day after Christmas. Boohooing right along with you!!

  2. I know, Lindi. It's hard when kids are far away, especially over the holidays. I know your "Chicago kids" will miss you as much as you miss them. At least we live in the days of electronic communications. I remember writing *real letters* to my parents after I moved away from home!

    My happy news is that our youngest will be home from Australia just in time for Thanksgiving. :)

  3. Oh, Lindi, I'm sorry!! I didn't know that. I bet you are sad. Will they be able to come at Christmas?

    Meg, I'm so glad he's going to be home!! :) I'm assuming that's for good, isn't it? Is the job over?