Monday, November 5, 2012

Writing--Pulling Us All Together

We had our local ACFW meeting a couple of weeks ago. Some of us drove across the street to eat after the meeting. One of the gals had an interesting comment as we were walking in. She said that in looking at our cars all parked next to each other, you would never guess we were friends--our cars are so different.

 Between us we drove a convertible, a Bug, a work truck and a mom SUV. 

Such different cars, yet we all have the same goal. To write books with a Christian world-view to share the love of Jesus with the world.

And that's the beauty of the writing community. No matter where we come from, where we live, or what we write, we have that main core desire to write. And it's so nice to be able to mingle and mesh with people that understand the fact that fictional people live in your head.

When you get a group of writers together, crazy conversations ensue about plots, characters and different ways to write and stay on task. Sometimes the people around you wonder what you're talking about, but that's okay.

Do you belong to a writing community? Do you have a group of people who 'understand' what goes on in your head?


  1. So true, Lindi! We just have to be careful when we have a suspense writer among us who starts talking about ways to murder people! :)

    It's wonderful to be part of such a loving community of writers.

  2. haha! I made your post.. sort of. I'm counting it. :)