Monday, December 3, 2012


Lindi here.

Doesn't everyone love a party?

I know I do. I'm social to an extent. I love being around people, but at parties I'm usually kind of quiet, especially if I don't know a lot of people. But I still love going, because there's something in the atmosphere where a lot of people are gathered.

I love the buzz of conversations taking place all around a room. The sound of laughter rings out now and then, and you know something funny has happened. Even though you aren't a part of the joke or story, somehow what they're feeling is contagious, and you can't help but smile.

The Christmas season always brings about parties. I'm going to a book club party and 2 of my friends are hosting parties.

Do you have any party plans this Christmas? What about New Year's Eve?

Tell us--we'd love to party with you!

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  1. We have our church staff Christmas party coming up, and I always love that one! We have so much fun. Lots of laughter. :) Plus, we do a white elephant gift exchange. :)

    I also went to an ornament exchange last week with a group of ladies who get together every year. We had a blast!