Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What are you writing now?

Angie here: My friend, Diana Brandmeyer, invited me to play a game of blog hop. I'm inviting you. Join us in sharing what you are writing now. Don't worry about whether it's one type of writing or another, just jump into the blog hop. Answer what you can and enjoy learning what everyone else is writing, even a grocery list ;)

Nevada City, MT inspires me for Lucky's Draw

What’s the tittle? Lucky's Draw

Where did the idea come from? Out walking in the mountains of Montana, I saw an old homestead. My mind started spinning on who might have lived there and what was their life like. I was looking for a new book idea so I started walking and talking out loud to God. No kidding. I asked Him to help me come up with a story I'd fall in love with and be able to write. That night I had the walk on my mind. Then I started thinking about the stories I've loved most and analyzing why I loved them. I woke up the next morning with the entire plot line for the first book and most of the plot for the next two in the three book series. I think it was important to give my mind over to the Author of Creativity--God, to actively think about it before going to sleep, and then allowing my mind to work on it. I woke up with the best dream world for Lucky's Draw! But I believe it wasn't possible without all of those steps. The process seems to work very well for me even during spots when I feel stuck.

Genre: Historical Women's Fiction with strong elements of romance

What actors would play your character in a movie version? I'd love suggestions for this one. Lucky is a small Irish woman with black hair and green eyes. She's gritty from being a floozy. Then I have a dozen tall Swedish women with varying degrees of blonde and light brown hair. Please offer your suggestions.

I'd love to see someone like Jason O'Mara play the newsman, David Zion.

What’s the Short Synopsis?  A Black Irish saloon girl becomes the matchmaker for a dozen widows in Hidden Draw, Montana, in an 1864 Old West Shangri-la. Matchmaker meets Lost Horizon by an Amazonian-like population of tall blonde Swedish immigrants. Lucky Starr longs for what she can’t have—family, respectability, and community. Many books have mail order brides. This one has males on order.

Agency Representation My agent is Tamela Hancock-Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.

How long did it take to write the first draft? In progress, but the plot is written. The rough draft plot took me a day plus a critique meeting :) Once I write the plot skeleton, then I sit down and start writing the rough draft to fill in the "guts". Then one more pass fills in the rest of the story, polish, and the artistic flair.

What other books in the genre compare? Sixteen Brides, Lost Horizon (sort of as an inspiration),

Who or what inspired this WIP? Brainstorming my favorite movies and then really playing with the plots. More like scrambling the plots and adding more. My favorite movies include a lot of imagination like Brigadoon, Lost Horizon/Shangri-la, Matchmaker, and Amazon Women. I love old musicals. The photo on this blog gives me inspiration for a similar saloon where Lucky might have worked. But I'm building a two-story saloon in my book. I've been taking all sorts of photos of old Montana towns and buildings for setting.

Anything to add? I have several other books in the works ranging from non-fiction to contemporary to historical romance novellas. I have about a dozen solid book ideas and proposals in my laptop. Lucky's Draw is book one of three.


  1. Angie, it sounds like a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing how God gave you the idea!

  2. Angie,
    This is a great idea! I'm currently working on a non-fiction titled "Enduring the Night."
    Here's the overview:
    “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)

    Enduring the Night is the story of a marriage built completely on lies and deception, both of which were overcome with recovery and growth. It is a story of mourning and grief but more so, one of hope and forgiveness. It's about God's boundless mercy, his limitless grace and his unconditional love in the midst of it all.

    Enduring the Night is part memoir, part guidance and direction, all based on the author’s true experience. Written from a Christian perspective, the book addresses the subject of wives, children and extended family members whose husband/father left to lead a homosexual lifestyle. The readership will not be limited to only these women, but will also speak to all women who have been thrust back into the role of singlehood, and for many, single parenthood. Counselors and pastors may use Enduring the Night as a reference book as they counsel and guide women who are going through the divorce recovery process.

  3. Edwina, I'm glad you're still working on this project. I think it'll be a powerful help.