Monday, December 24, 2012

Why I LOVE Surprises! It's All About Christmas

Lesson for life. Sounds pretty heavy. I promise it’s not. 

I’ve been blessed with a couple of people I can truly call best friends. One of them has an unwillingness to be surprised, I guess you could say. When her mom lived out of state, and sent Christmas presents, my friend would always open hers, see what it was, then rewrap it and place it under the tree.

And we’re grown.

As in parents.

We aren’t the kids here.

But that’s just the way she is. She hates surprises.

Not me. I love surprises.

My hubby can say, “Don’t look on the top shelf of my closet. There’s a really great, what-you’ve-been-wanting-for-the-last-twenty-years present up there that I’m going to wrap in three months for Christmas.”

I won’t look.


And this is why.

Long ago and far away, in the city of Akron, Ohio lived an eight year old girl named Lindi. Her parents were divorced, and she lived in an apartment with her mom and two brothers on the top story of a house. Times were very, very lean.

I won’t go into detail, but think Kate Moss lean. (We had a lot of love, though!)

This girl named Lindi wanted one particular thing for Christmas that year. White, lace-up go-go boots. (Yes, this was in the turn of the decade from the 60’s to the 70’s—so don’t judge! :)) Little Lindi would go to sleep at night DREAMING of these boots. How cool she would look wearing them. How having those boots would make life perfect.

One day, while her mother wasn’t home, Lindi joined her brothers on a search mission for the bag they knew held all the Christmas presents. Looking back, grown Lindi wonders where the heck in the 600sq foot living space mother could have hidden much of anything. But, back to the story.

Lindi and her two brothers, both of whom were younger, found the white bag. In it were all the treasures of Christmas morning! Including a white pair of lace-up go-go boots!

Lindi was so very excited! Imagine!

The next day, she was still excited, but not as much as the day before. The day after that, eh, the excitement had waned quite a bit. This draining of the excitement continued until Christmas day when there was no excitement left.


Opening the package, I’m sure my mom wondered why the gift her daughter wanted so desperately, above all else, which Mother probably sacrificed who-knows-what to buy, didn’t cause more excitement.

We never told her. I don’t think to this day she knows we found the gifts. But I learned a lesson that year.

I want to be surprised. I want to feel the excitement when it’s supposed to be felt. 

The joy of receiving that special gift, when the special gift is given. 

So hi, I’m Lindi, and I love surprises. Do you?

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