Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fluff and Nonsense Dreams

Angie here: Ever dream of something others might think are fluff and nonsense dreams?

I am right now. Sure I have goals and very practical dreams on my "wish list". I mean there's people with real needs in the world. Why should I bother God with something so inane? But I learned that God actually cares about the hairs on my head and the thoughts in my mind and the dreams in my heart no matter how small.

I'm so glad. Because if He didn't, it'd be easy to feel silly asking for little things. I also learned through my life that most of our joy comes from the little every day moments. So I'm asking God for a fluff and nonsense dream right along with those practical needs because this one is important to my little moments.

I grew up having indoor pets. I particularly love cats. Why? Because as a little girl, I was given a kitten when I was six years old. That kitten grew up and literally went through life with me. As the child of a schizophrenic, I had to learn to soothe myself and manage my own sense of well-being. I think a lot of children are put in situations where the parent isn't available. Childhood becomes a difficult journey for those kids. For me, my kitten turned into a friend for eighteen years. She was my God-given companion.

Now so much older, I've found I feel more comfortable on a daily basis having a cat around that's bonded to me. It soothes me and helps me stay calm. I get great joy out of friendship with a cat. I think God likes that or He wouldn't have created cats.

Having lost mine a few weeks back, I'm beginning my search for a new companion. Researching breeds and my family needs, I've wanted a certain kind of cat for a long time to help with visitor's allergic reactions and personal family feelings. One that won't mind a regular bath to cut down on dander build up. One that's big enough for a good hugging. One that's fun to train (a hobby for the pure laughter and joy of it) and calm around the home.

So what am I asking God for?

Lord, I'd like a Siberian male kitten. Would you like me to have one? If so, I'll leave all the details up to you and act when you say so.

Readers: Have you ever prayed a prayer you thought the Lord would ignore or someone said was fluff and nonsense dreams?

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  1. Angie, I started thinking about a new dog today, to be a companion for our one dog (who's lonely after losing who he probably thought of as his mother). But I just don't know if we're ready yet.

    I agree. I think God cares, even about what we might think of as the little things.