Monday, January 14, 2013

Synopsis :) Fun News and Announcement

Lindi here.

One of my critique partners is writing a synopsis for her book.

I am working on a book, but haven't written a synopsis for it. Yet. I'm thinking I might.

Here are some of the best words I've heard about writing a synopsis. They are from Alicia Rasley. She's an author and has written great writing books. This is what she says about writing a synopsis.

Well, the mistake is thinking that the synopsis is a summary of the PLOT. It should be the summary of the STORY. What's the difference?
The story is more than what happens. It's the journey of the characters, the emotion they experience, the theme and voice. All that should show up in your synopsis in some way. If this is a funny story, the synopsis should have humor. If the characters go through psychological agony, the synopsis should explore a bit of that.

We hear so many different tips for writing a synopsis. When I read this it all kind of clicked for me. Now just because something has clicked doesn't mean it's fun and exciting. I still think writing a synopsis is one of the hardest things to do.

I remember way, way back, long, long ago, I was having trouble writing a synopsis for a story that I had already written. One of my critique partners took my bare-boned synopsis and added to it. The story sounded so good! Looking back I think the synopsis was better than my story. :)

Do you have a way you like to 'work' your synopsis?

Fun news!!

Summer's Song will be free on Amazon this Thursday and Friday--then only $1.99 over the weekend.

So, spread the news!!!

Oh, and I hate to be a teaser, BUT--big news on the F.A.I.T.H. blog tomorrow. BIG NEWS!!!  You don't want to miss it!

Don't forget---synopsis help in the comments. We ALL will benefit.


  1. Lindi, that's such great advice from Alicia! I think my very first sold synopsis was my best. It had a lot of the character's voice in it.

    Can't wait to share the news tomorrow!! :)

  2. Hi Lindi:

    The key to writing a synopsis is realizing that the reader does not know what you left out. The synopsis is judged by what’s there on the page and not what could have been there.*

    The job of the synopsis is to honestly sell the story. It is not a summary of the plot. That would be an plot outline.

    Alicia also said that story was telling what happened in a chronological order while plot can be jumping all over the place. A synopsis is much easier when you simply tell the story and not worry about the intricacies of the plot.

    My favorite all time synopsis book is “Write A Great Synopsis” by Nicola Morgan. I love this book because the author uses my method developed over 30 years of writing advertising. I would be given product fact sheets, brochures, news clippings, and PR releases and told write a great ad in x number of words. In a sense, I spent a career writing ‘synopses”.

    In,“Write A Great Synopsis”, Nicola Morgan suggests doing what I always did on the job. And that is fill your head with the facts, wait a day or two, then write the ad, synopsis, from memory. No notes. This way just the important and memorable information will come to mind.

    Remember: it doesn’t matter what you leave out if what is on the page sells the story and does not misrepresent the story.

    BTW: I believe that Alicia’s “Power of Point of View” should be the first writing book anyone reads. It’s that good.

    I’m looking forward to getting “Summer’s Song” for my Kindle. I’m a winner if only I can just remember the days. : )


    *The fatal author error is thinking that everything she writes is so wonderful that it can’t be cut from the synopsis. The more an author believes this, the bigger the synopsis dragon becomes. : )

  3. Missy---yes, exciting news!!

    Vince--what a great idea about knowing the facts, then writing them down from memory. I love what you had to say, and I can't imagine having a career of 'writing synopsis.'
    Thanks for the suggestion of Nicole's book. I hadn't heard of it before.
    AND I haven't read Rasley's POV book, either. I'm behind!!

    Thanks for stopping by! Always great to 'see' you.

    Oh, and SS is free Thursday and Friday.