Monday, January 21, 2013

The Hardest Thing

Lindi here.

Last week we celebrated Mindy's sale to Love Inspired. The Doctor's Family Reunion will be out in September, which is indeed a cause for celebration!! Congrats again, Mindy!!

Like most of us, Mindy has written more than one book. She's entered contests, submitted, queried agents, been get the picture. This is not a business for those who need instant gratification.

This is a business of patience.

We've talked here before about relying in the fact that God has His timing. We do our part in writing our stories, networking, submitting. But the bottom line is when our work is where God wants it, it'll all come together.

But during that time, during the waiting, there are some hard things to get through. The bad contest scores, the rejection that comes, maybe the second one in a month, a week, a day even. There's the critique partner that says, 'maybe this part isn't working,' and you know in your gut she or he is right, but that means a LOT of rewriting.

All these things and many more come into play during the waiting. (And sometimes after the waiting, but that's another post, right?)

So, during your 'waiting' what do you find the hardest aspect to cope with?

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  1. It's difficult not to get discouraged. That's been the hard part for me. But I ultimately have to trust God's plan!