Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What happens when it all falls apart?

Angie here: Dude, your ice block busted.

On New Year's Eve I watched a culinary student carve ice. The display would eventually feature ice sculptures of a chef hat and cooking implements all lit up for the special First Night event.

One student, near graduation, worked to make a set of tongs. A short way in, his ice block cracked in two.

I asked him if he'd be in trouble and have to start again (and if I needed to be quiet). He took another look and said, "No, I can work with this."

What happens when it all goes wrong?

I think we let the sense of failure overcome us and we quit. But this student had a simple lesson to share. If you have material to work with, there's still ample opportunity. Don't quit.

Especially don't quit when the ice breaks. It's just one piece of the whole. You can figure out how to make it into a small piece of the bigger picture. You can keep going and so can I.

Do you have an example of something that appeared broken yet turned out okay or with another use?


  1. Hi Angie:

    I can think of an earthquake that happened while St. Paul was in prison. The walls fell down and he walked away.

    Sometimes stumbling blocks become stepping stones.

    Besides, ice cutting has nothing to do with cooking. When Vince Lambadi wanted to get back to basics he’d hold up a football to his team and say: “This is a football.” Vince knew how to focus. My hero. : )

    Happy New Year! Love your posts!


  2. Angie, I've found that, later, I often see God's hand at work in failure. It often leads to even better things that I never imagined.

    Happy new year, Vince!

  3. Thank you, Vince! And what a great example!

    You're so right, Missy :)