Thursday, February 28, 2013

Singing (Writing) with Heart

Missy, here. Last night, I was catching up on an American Idol episode that I had DVR'd (the first night of the ladies in the sudden death round). And I found I almost always agreed with the judges. I really think Keith and Nicki were spot on in this episode.

One of the criticisms they gave that echoed exactly what I was thinking was that a couple of the ladies seemed to be working too hard, over-performing. They just didn't seem to really feel the song. Their performance was more for show.

One of the women was smiling in a song that should be painful to sing. Another, who has a gorgeous voice, distracted with overdoing it.

The ones who brought the judges to their feet were the ones who poured their heart and soul into their music. It wasn't just superficial dancing or smiling. They laid everything on that stage.

And it's like that with our writing. We need to pour everything into our stories. Pour all our emotions, all our experiences, all our personality.

On this particular episode, ten ladies sang for their lives. Five got sent home. Five moved on.

When we write, we need to consider that maybe an editor will be reading our proposal along with several others. And maybe she only has one spot to fill. We might get that one chance to woo her with our story. To touch her heart and make her want to read more.

Each time we submit our work, we need to send our best. When we write our stories, we need to write for our lives. To blurp it all out there. (Yes, that's a made-up word I use sometimes). :)

So, no holding back. No saving some particular emotion for another story. I hope you'll give your current (and every) story your all. And that some editor will love it and just have to buy it!

And speaking of a book with heart (pun intended!)...

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