Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Can God Protect Our Children?

Angie here: Behind the scenes at the FAITH Girls, we are often praying for not only our children but also the children of friends, fans, and neighbors. In fact, we're currently praying for several children in medical crisis, a few for job placements, college, and safety. How much more timely can it get than to have a beautiful new book for mothers dealing with exactly this subject?
Peggy Joyce Ruth visits the FAITH Girls

Peggy Joyce Ruth has graciously sent a special guest post to the FAITH Girls to share with all our mom followers. I hope you'll enjoy it. Here's her book, Psalm 91 for Mothers: God's Shield of Protection for Your Children, a little about her, and then a guest post below. Enjoy and please share your thoughts to her questions...

Can God protect our children?
Author bio:
Peggy Joyce Ruth and her husband, Jack, are former pastors from Brownwood, Texas. Peggy has taught an adult Bible study each week at her church for the past thirty years. She is a popular conference speaker and continues to teach a weekly radio Bible study called Better Living on KPSM and KBUB.

Can God Protect Our Children?

by Peggy Joyce Ruth

“Sometimes you forget your purse, your cell phone, your briefcase, your cup of coffee . . . that had been temporarily perched on the top of the car when you anxiously jumped in the driver’s seat and took off in a flash to avoid being late for your next appointment. How frustrating to later realize you left your cell phone on top of the car—and experience the sickening feeling of how expensive a stupid mistake like that can be.

You recall the subconscious anxiety that grips you when you know you have to face your husband and explain what happened to your new cell phone! But nothing could be as bad as what Donna Newsom saw that morning in Dallas traffic. With horror she realized what was perched on top of the car in front of her. She recalls that experience below.

Rush hour traffic in the Dallas Metropolis was not for the faint of heart. Heat rose from the pavement in waves as I nosed my white Mustang out of the Winn-Dixie parking lot and into the maze of cars and trucks headed home. Traffic at a crawl, I hummed the notes of a song I’d sung at Fox Avenue Baptist Church. The words, like the message behind them, had lingered in my mind for days. “Hide me in the shadow of Your wings . . . ” I knew that the words referred to Psalm 91.

Nudging my way through traffic, I eased into the turn lane behind a dark blue station wagon. The light turned, and, looking up, I froze at the sight before me. On top of the blue car was an infant seat. Surely it was empty! No, heaven have mercy, there was a baby in it. Without having a moment to attempt to process this horror scene, I screamed the name that is above all names, “Jesus!”

Just as I did, the station wagon accelerated into a left turn. And in the space of
a heartbeat the infant seat slid across the roof of the car.


Airborne now, the baby was catapulted through the air like a tossed egg. Horns honked and brakes squealed as, like me, other drivers watched in a slow-motion nightmare as the car turned east and the baby was jet-propelled north—straight into traffic.

The infant seat hit the pavement and bounced before skidding to a stop. Slamming on my brakes, I swerved, missing the baby. I flew out of my car at a dead-run as other cars squealed to a stop. Heart hammering in my chest, my hands shook as I dropped in the street.

The carrier had landed right side up. Dressed in pink, her fat little legs churning, the baby grinned at me as drool dribbled down her chin.”

On days like this it is easy to feel guilty and condemn ourselves as mothers. So often we compare ourselves and our children to others and feel as though we come up short. When even the slightest thing goes wrong we are engulfed with guilt as moms. 

When you face an emergency, which comes out of no where, you need to already have more than an acquaintance with the promises in Psalm 91. Everyone has had days that needed the full strength of God's special protection promises.

Psalm 91 is for preventative praying. To secure the promises before your day happens. To get them deep in your heart for when your very life will depend on it!

Don't miss the ending of the baby forgotten on top of the car! And learn how you can cover your children in the promises of Psalm 91.

Have you ever prayed Psalm 91 before you were already facing trouble so you would be ready for anything which might come?

Do you think of prayer and claiming the promises as preventative?

Has the promises in Psalm 91 been a meaningful part of your prayer life for your children?


  1. Wow, what a heart stopping story! Thanks for sharing with us, Peggy.

    I've made so many mistakes in raising my three kids that it's not funny. One that was very embarrassing was being out Christmas shopping and losing track of time so that I wasn't going to make it back to pick up my daughter at preschool. I felt awful! Thankfully, the preschool director is a friend, so I was able to call and ask her to watch my daughter until I could get there. My daughter thought it was fun! Whew. Rescued from an awful moment.

  2. Great post, Angie. And Peggy, what an inspiring story...thanks.
    Gonna get that book!

    I feel so comforted to know you ladies pray for children of your fans (me!!)... so needed right now for my daughter/grandson! Claiming this Psalm!!
    Jackie S.

  3. Will do, Jackie. Just let us know anytime you want prayer.

  4. Absolutely, Jackie :)
    Lord, calm Jackie's heart as you pour love and hope into the situation for her family.