Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Green Goo?

Angie here: I'm learning something new-how to juice for health. A recent gift sounded fun. A new book on smoothies and juices. Then I found the section on green juices. It just didn't sound appealing at all. But being a curious person, I decided to try the least awful sounding juice. I had to say I'd tried :)

I juiced cucumber, lemon, apple, ginger, parsley, and celery. I stared at it. And then tasted a tiny sip of the green goo. I loved it!

The next day, I tried another. Liked it too. What was happening to me? Last fall when a friend mentioned green juices, I crinkled my nose. I couldn't imagine enjoying something gooey green going down my throat. Silly me, I had a preconceived notion. A very wrong one.

After two weeks of juicing green stuff, I'm finding a new phenomenon. I'm craving green veggie juice! I'm so excited because as juice, I can get nutrients I normally pass on due to my colitis. Many veggies have too much cellulose in the raw state and cause a flare up for folks with colitis. Juicers pull out the juice and leave the fibrous cellulose.

I went from scared to eat too many raw veggies to having a blast trying as many new juice recipes I can find! Realize I'm focused on learning veggie and not fruit recipes. Too many juiced fruits has too many calories. So I stick to 2-3 fruits a day and unlimited veggies.

Benefits so far are glowing skin, more energy, and I gained confidence in learning something new :)

What about you? Tried any green goo lately or something new? What did you learn?


  1. Angie,
    I own a Jack LaLane juicer and used it for a little while. Juicing veggies & fruits is so good for your body. I got lazy about juicing however. It takes a few extra minutes to clean out all the gook that is left behind... Anyway, celery is hard for me to eat and to drink. Apples have an amazing way of giving a good flavor to anything you combine with them.

    I've been tempted to buy the Ninja or the Magic Bullet as those are smaller and seem to have less parts to clean. Meaning, I may be able to take them with me to work.

    Interesting that juicing is favorable since it leaves the cellulose behind. I had no idea! Another great reason to juice :)

  2. We had an old juicer that drove me crazy. I think it was crucial to upgrade. I love your idea of using a small Bullet or Ninja for work. I'm not sure if those appliances actually juice or create smoothies, but what a brilliant idea! I'm going to look up those items and see so I can suggest them for the gals I coach!
    Thanks :)

  3. Angie, that sounds good! I saw a green goo once while at a book signing. I was sitting across from Patti Lacy, and she was drinking an awful looking concoction! LOL But she said it's really good. It had kale and other ingredients I can't remember (maybe banana??). Anyway, I've been on a greens kick for the past year or so. I love kale and spinach and eat it often. So I figure I'll try her smoothie someday.

    Angie, you'll have to share your favorite recipes with me. What juicer do you have?