Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pushing Toward the Goal

Angie here: I set out a pretty steep goal at the beginning of the year. I'd like to think I can still make it. I wanted to write three books. Do you remember your goal? I remember being so excited at the START of the year to move into my plans.

Heart Walk Starting line

I'm picturing my finish line now because I've gotten a bit off track and lost sight of it. Sometimes it's not that I'm lost on the journey but that I've forgotten how simple it can be. The humor in the Heart Walk situation was that the START banner is...

Heart Walk Oct 2009 at the Finish line
On the opposite side of the FINISH banner! We'd forgotten to take a starting photo so just flipped around and snapped it. Another way of looking at it: we went back to the beginning. The opportunity to correct something we'd forgotten was easy. We could have walked away. There's always that choice. But opportunity presented itself and so we took advantage of the simplicity. I think too often it's easy to complicate things.

That's what I'm doing now, going back to the beginning to refocus. I'm looking at my goals and deciding if they are still my goals and if so, what will I do to achieve those goals. Sometimes other opportunities come along and need to replace the plan. I think that's what may be happening for me. I'm wondering if I complicated things a bit much. Refocusing and adjusting my goals may prove to be the most successful thing I can do this year. That's yet to be seen. But I'm willing to flex and yield as the path unfolds ahead of me.

Adjusting a goal isn't failure. Adjusting a goal allows us to grasp opportunity as it dances in front of us. So today I'm taking a few minutes to review my original goals and adjust to grab onto the wings of opportunity.

What are you doing with your goals?
Has opportunity changed your original plan?
Are you lost and need to remember the plan?


  1. Angie, you're making adjustments ahead of time. Planning and changing that plan. You're right, that's not failure.

    I'm not lost on my goals. But right now I'm lost in revising my proposal! LOL I'm taking the suggestions of my critique partners and having to make some decisions about changes. My brain's in a fog. But I need to push through.

  2. I love critique partners. I don't think I could do this business without their support. It's amazing how much we have to decide about change as writers, moms, and in our every day lives.

  3. Ang--good post. Reminds me that I need to keep the finish in mind, but make sure I'm taking the right course to get there. Sometimes I wonder at my sanity!

  4. Oh boy do I hear you, Lindi. In this business, it's very hard to keep our sanity!