Monday, May 6, 2013

Weddings! Love Them!

Lindi here.

I was blessed to partake in one of my favorite events this past weekend--a wedding. I love going to weddings. As I've stated many times here on this blog, I love love and I love the whole wedding scenario-from hearing the story of how the couple met, (this one met at a wedding!) to seeing their faces as they dance their first dance as husband and wife. Sigh.....

The colors were black, white and hot pink. The bridesmaids wore shoes that were incredibly cute--I wanted to steal a pair, but I didn't. I heard through the grapevine that they were uncomfortable, probably true as only of the bridesmaids wore hers during the receptions. The rest had ditched them for flip flops.

Drenching rains fell all day long. I mean all day. When I left the reception I had to ditch my shoes and walk barefoot through inches of water. I tried to get my hubby to carry me, but he wasn't a player. But the rain didn't dampen the spirit of love. No, it was present all around.

I get to do this all over again at the end of the month! I love weddings. Can't wait.

How about you? Do you like to attend weddings? What's your favorite part?

Wednesday, I'm going to be visiting Novel Rocket this Wednesday and I'm going to be talking about story. Stop by and say hello!

(Blogger is acting up today--I'm trying to add pictures and it's not letting me. Boo...:(   )

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