Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whirlwinds and Wild Rides and BLTs

Angie here: Does your life feel like a whirlwind lately? Mine sure has. It's been a wild ride since a few weeks before the new release of A Healing Heart. (Going well, by the way.)

The whirlwind started with speaking at the Inland NW Christian Writers Conference. I had so much fun with my class participants, the people at the conference, and new friends like Mindy (the conference photographer.
All About the Heart workshop at Inland NW Christian Writers Conference
Mindy P. is so often taking the pictures that it was fun to get her IN a picture
Then after INWCWC, I kept writing several guest blog posts, online interviews, magazine articles, working at the gym coaching, new pageant coaching client, into the next two speaking events in Portland and Spokane.
Kristen J., Angie, and Christina Berry T. in Portland at the ACFW PDX meeting
Home after that 1200 mile round trip mini book tour and into a heavy schedule of covering vacations at the gym where I coach. But several writing assignments came in too. Wait! I have volunteer duties pounding on my desk to get finished. That doesn't include a changed chapter for an editing client and urgent updates for my virtual assisting clients. Holy cow my head is spinning.

And what do you think happened? Yes, you are so on the ball! My to-do list disappeared. Now I'm flying by the seat of my pants trying to remember everything I had scheduled. Nope, that's not all. I'm still running a new Night Owls Club with the e-book give away from Tosca Lee and I— and the CAN book contest for May.

Enter prayer. Just needing to feel like the whirlwind will settle down and this wild ride becomes more exhilarating than exasperating once I find that missing list to check for missed items.

The funny result is that my husband and I have eaten more BLTs (with avocado) in the last 2 weeks than I've made in a year! I also adopted Muse, my new kitty, to help me get a sense of play and balance back in my heavy work schedule.
Muse, who is stealing my mouse right now as I write! He thinks it's his toy!
I'm working on rebuilding that to-do list, deep breathing, and looking at what I did accomplish to settle my frenetic sense of what isn't yet done on that missing list. And we had BLT's again tonight ;)

What do you simplify or share a coping skill when life throws you a whirlwind?


  1. Ang,

    I started making lists. I never used to. But my biggest calmer downer (ha!!) is to do one thing at a time and not think ahead. Once I finish the 'one' thing, I move onto the next. It doesn't get things done faster, but it does keep my heart and brain from racing.

    Love the post.

  2. I don't think it makes me work faster either, just smarter. I think it would take a lot more time to sit trying to remember. So in that regard, it's faster to make lists. :)

  3. I keep all dates in my iPhone. And I also keep a paper calendar where I can check and double check while on the computer. I also check off lists (like blog prizes that need to be mailed out).

    Love your new kitty!!

  4. Me too, Missy. I have an iPhone to-do list, google calendar in my phone I can access on my computer, and I write lists. I know, overkill, lol. But it helps keep me straight.

    And Muse thanks you for the compliment ;)

  5. It's not just the week-at-a-glance dayplanner. It's discipling myself to write things down promptly and check it in the morning. I'd much rather ignore it and create.

    Which finds me right brained in my jammies all morning. Your cat is right brained by the way.

  6. Roflol, Suzanne, you are so right! That's why I have so many lists. If I don't, my creative brain takes over.

    Hmm, I think you're right on Muse too! He's exceptionally creative.