Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Taste of Empty Nest

Missy, here. And I've been getting a taste of the empty nest. My two kids who are still at home (the oldest is grown and gone) are both on a mission trip this week. The house has been extremely quiet!

I thought I would get a ton of work done, but it seems that I still had distractions. I did, however, get a revised proposal turned in. Yay!

My middle son just graduated from high school.

And my daughter, the "baby," will be a junior in the fall.

Where does time go? Before I know it, we'll truly have an empty nest.

So until then, I'm trying to enjoy every minute, making sure I'm fully present. Which sometimes means shutting the computer or putting down the iPhone. My husband has always been adamant that no one texts or talks on the phone when we're having a meal or spending time together. I'm glad.

Once the youngest is off to college, the house will be about like is has been this week. Very quiet. I'm sure, though, my number of text messages will explode, just like they have this week. :) The kids won't be totally leaving ol' mom behind. I'm still loved and needed whether they're here or not.

If you have children, have you experienced the empty nest yet?



  1. My nest has been empty for almost six years. We are a starting to adjust, vut I think e need to shake things up a bit. It's so quiet and not much activity.

    You'll adjust and find new things to do together. We ride bikes and rehab houses.

  2. I've discovered it difficult to cook! Although last night I was able to find the right dishes and proportions. I posted that on the Yankee-Belle blog today. :)

    1. Missy, I feel your pain on the cooking. It seems like we went form 3 sons at home to none at home. We ate out a lot.

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