Saturday, June 15, 2013

Christy's Office has Wheels!

Diana here:
Today we’re touring Christy LaShea Smith’s office or rather lack of one!
Christy is like most moms---she drives a lot. She sent me this photo:

Christy: Most writing happens in my car... Usually at lunch on work days. A lot of brainstorming happens in this vehicle during my commute 5 days a week! Writing on the run I guess...

Why she doesn’t use her at home office more often? KIDS!

Christy: This one shows my kids at my desk... However the children are usually playing games or we're watching YouTube videos about trains. Not much writing happens here, just paying bills and kid entertAinment!

Outwaiting them seems futile.

Christy has a blog  At Split Ends. The title cracks me up I didn’t have to read far to find out her ends are probably more than split, they are most likely frizzy too!

Her last post was about making goals for the New Year so I asked her how that was going.
1)  Cook a meal every Sunday.  (We eat out during the week waayyyy too much. I'm hoping Sunday will provide togetherness for my family, and leftovers for Monday.)

Christy Now: I'm cooking but it seems it doesn't happen every Sunday as I planned. The kids are at a picky stage and my husband and I work opposite schedules, so we are not all together very much. When we are, we do eat together, with something planned at home. My husband's the cook in the family. I've found lately that balancing a career and being a mom mean I have to sacrifice things... cooking is usually first to go! It's not a good thing, but found I had to start relaxing my
life in certain areas.

Speaking of relaxing my life, I opted to reduce my social media involvement. I came off of Facebook - and it feels great!  I'm on Twitter. I just love it. My blogging is down to little to none. I had to walk away. Last year, I had a mini-breakdown - not in the literal sense, but regarding social involvement and doing all the things I enjoyed - I'd lost everything I had built 8 years ago when I had my first child and was at home with her. When I returned to work nearly 3 years later and then had my
2nd child, life became full and oh, so great, but then it boiled over. Letting go of my chief time waster -- Facebook -- was the best thing I did. I hope to come back one day when life has slowed down, but right now, I'm enjoying my hideout. I'll Tweet ever once and a while, but that's about it. Hopefully, I'll think of something to blog about soon, I do miss being active on The Faith Girls. 

Diana here: 
I think every mom who tries to do anything outside of taking care of children understands why you've stepped away.  I didn't have facebook and twitter when mine were little but I know I couldn't have done those along with taking care of 3 boys. There is only so much time in a day and it takes a lot of time to be a mom.

2) Walk every day during my lunch break.  (I think the extra activity will help clear my mind and help take off some of the extra pounds I'm carrying ;)

Christy Now: Eh... this isn't working out so well. I "think" of taking a walk at lunch, but usually I'm so busy at my desk, I don't have time to take that walk. Another excuse I've been using lately is the heat. I hate to return to work sticky - eck! I am trying to be more active with the kids at home. Sometimes we'll play ball in the yard, badminton, or take walks up the road.  

Diana here: I found that to be one of the hardest things to fit into my life--actually it's an easy activity but finding the right time, the right weather, the right attitude...
3) Write something, anything, every day.  Perhaps I'll blog here a day or so. Maybe I'll blog once a month on Perhaps I'll work on a new story.
Christy Now:
My writing muse quit on me about a year ago. She flew the coop and took my housekeeper with her. I've been in a pickle ever since.

The day job is massive. Seriously. Massive. It's very important to me and more critical than ever that my concentration is steady on it - when I'm at work.

In all truth, I do write, every day, but it's for work. With some recent contests coming up and RWA coming to Atlanta, I'm feeling the buzz.

Speaking as someone who hasn't made it to a major conference in a few years, I'm tickled pink that RWA is coming back to the Southeast. This may have helped kickstart my writing as the last few weeks I've been working on that manuscript again! I think the real reason I started writing again is because I'm not whole when I'm not writing. I'd missed that part of me for too long. Now that it's back, I'm a happier person.
Diana here: That is so true about not being as happy when you aren't writing--at least I've discovered that as well. I hope you find more time to write Christy and that manuscript makes it to the last page.  
Christy also has book reviews on her blog. I found a few I’d like to read. Check out At Split Ends I know she’d be delighted to read your comments.

What goals did you make for this year? Any chance of making them happen?


  1. Christy!! You are amazing the way you juggle all of what's going on in life. I know prioritizing is so important. Glad your writing muse is back. i've stated it before, you have such a beautiful, natural voice...keep at it.

  2. Thanks Lindi!
    Thanks Diana for having my "office" on today :)

  3. What a fun post about Christy! Christy, the kids always come first. You're doing what you need to do right now. But I'm so glad you're writing when you can! I always feel better when I'm doing that.

  4. Even though we've all been together for over seven years, I'm finding so much more to learn about the other Faith Girls. It was a great interview :)