Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lindi Peterson’s Bug Free Office

Lindi Peterson’s Bug Free Office

Diana here: Today’s office photo I must admit has me a bit envious. 

Lindi sits here every chance she gets to work on her novels.
How delightful to sit on the screen in porch and write without swatting mosquitos and attempting to keep bees out of one’s drink. Not to mention that pool when you finish writing for the day!

Lindi has a day job which has hampered her remodeling of her office and says she can’t send us a photo of what it looks like now.  

Lindi: It’s too much of a disaster! Hubby and I are redoing our offices so maybe, by summers end I’ll have bright shinny pictures.”

Diana here: She did send us a photo of her bulletin board.

Looks like she might be working on a Christmas novel and maybe her heroine has blond hair? Writer’s tend to have lots of torn pages from magazines plastered on walls, cupboards, and in piles on their desks.  It helps to keep us focused on the scene we are writing or even on what color the hero’s eyes are. Yes, we do forget. 

I hopped over to Lindi’s site to see what I could find. Lindi is a David Crowder fan!!!! I always get excited when I find out someone else likes David Crowder.

Did you know that human slavery continues today? Lindi has a blog post on the End it Movement—look for her April 9, 2013 post. I’m sorry I can’t seem to link to it.

Lindi, what’s the title to your favorite David Crowder song?

Lindi here:
Okay--not fair to ask a girl what her FAV DC song is!  I love them all.
Trying To Make You Sing is one of my very favorites. It's the inspiration for my book Summer's Song. A Collision is one of my favorite albums EVER.

Diana Here:
Lindi, you have a workshop titled Sweet Passion 101… is that a course on chocolate? Please explain

Lindi here: Uh, no it's not about chocolate, although I'm getting
good vibes and ideas from that premise. :) Sweet passion is about how to write emotion using setting, dialogue and other unique aspects about your  story. In the workshop we use 3 different scenes to showcase how that author used the various tools of writing to show how the hero/heroine are attracted to each other. All this can be done
without writing 'sexy' scenes-which is where the 'sweet' comes into play.
Diana here: What's your go to drink?

Lindi here:
What do I sip on while I'm on that porch?  It all depends on the timeline. A typical day might look like this.
Morning--coffee while reading Andrew Murray and A W Tozer devotionals and the Bible.
Right now Psalm 119 has my attention.
Mid-morning-weekends--breakfast made by hubby--still at the coffee stage here.
Afternoon-Water. Filtered tap water with fresh lemon squeezed in. I'm addicted. ( don't put the lemon in anymore--someone told me too much bacteria on those lemon rinds!
But it's more photogenic with the lemon, don't you think?)
Evening--this is a variety. I'm not a fan of sweet tea. (Don't shoot me!) I gave up sodas a couple of years ago. So, if it's not water, (yes again, boring, I know!) I could be found sipping a glass of red wine. Hubby has exceptional taste in buying nice wines.
Diana here: 
Thanks for sharing so much about your office and your days, Lindi. And yes, that glass of water looks more appealing with the lemon in it.


  1. Hi Diana, Thanks for posting about 'how' I work. :) I do love my screened in porch. It is probably one of the most used 'rooms' in our house.

    1. It was a joy to learn more about you, Lindi.

  2. I'm dying for a dip in your office pool! LOL Gives new meaning to the term office pool, doesn't it? :)

    Yes, I think it's time for another brainstorming getaway!

    1. Missy!!!! Office pool!!! Laughing hard.

  3. Missy--just now reading this. I love the office pool. Yes, brainstorming...we could call it brainpooling. :)

  4. Missy--just now reading this. I love the office pool. Yes, brainstorming...we could call it brainpooling. :)