Saturday, June 8, 2013

Missy Tippens and her Writing Office

Diana here: 

Being the new person I wanted to know more about the F.A.I.T.H. Girls I’m hanging with. I’m always checking out how, someone decorates or how they use their office space especially these girls. So I’ve begun a spy mission. 
Want to come along? For the next few Saturdays I’ll be posting about the F.A.I.T.H. Girls and where they hide out to write along with some things I discover on their blogs. 

Today we’re taking a tour of Missy’s writing space. She didn’t share much, just this wee photo of her and the answers to a few questions.

Diana: Where do you keep all of your research material?
Missy:  I have a book shelf in our extra bedroom as well as a desk in my office (the dining room).
Diana: You're writing on the couch. How do you keep your legs from catching on fire from the heat of the laptop?
Missy: I bought a Mac! :) I burned out two cooling lap mats with my PC. But once I went to a Mac, I haven't had trouble with the heat. My computer only warms a bit when it's charging.
Diana: Besides God, whom we know is behind your great success as a writer do you have process or item that you must have when you write? Coffee doesn't count. :)

Missy: I guess if I can't count my coffee, then I can't count my diet iced tea. :) I'd have to say the main item I always have with me when I write is my calendar. It sits beside me, and I often check to find out what I'm supposed to be doing that day. I also use the calendar feature on my iPhone and have reminders set up. That way I never miss a blog post or event or deadline. If my phone didn't beep at me, I'm afraid I'd forget everything!

Diana here again:
Interesting answers but I suspect there is more to Missy Tippens so being curious I went snooping on her blog to find out more about this writer. 

I found out she has wrinkled earlobes! 

She’s a coffee drinker and thinks a small snow storm is a really big deal because she lives in Atlanta. I think Angela would hold back a laugh and say, “Yes, Missy that’s a lot of snow.”  Angela is from Montana. She knows about snow.

She’s generous with her time. Recently she collected books for a mission auction at her church.

She has a nephew that plays for the San Francisco Giants.

If you want to hear Missy check out this video

For more about the F.A.I.T.H Girls click the about tab on the menu bar.
Come back next Saturday to peek into another F.A.I.T.H. Girls writing space.


  1. Oh that was fun!! I've know Missy a long time but see her through new eyes now ;) delightful!

  2. So glad you enjoyed a look at Missy. :)

  3. So, I'm not the only one who writes with my Mac laptop on my couch?

    Tip: my aging laptop that had been dropped once now enjoys a Belkin fan-cooled cushion. It's much happier these days.

  4. Elaine,
    How niced to see you here!
    I should look into one of these cooling mats.. I don't have a MAC and my laptop gets very warm.

  5. Diana, the Belkin lap unit truly has saved my laptop. It used to grumble noisily when it heated up, but thankfully not now.

  6. How fun to look back at some old posts! Yes, you're right, Diana. Angie would laugh at how thrilled we were for more than a half inch of snow. :)

    Thanks for sharing! And Elaine, thanks for dropping by!

  7. Elaine, I'm so putting that on my wish list.

    It was fun discovering all you have on your blog, Missy.

  8. Love this....I'm behind in checking things out. :) Now I'm getting caught up.