Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Talking Pets

Angie here:
Writers have their quirks. Who better to out them than their pets? Alphabetically speaking, the Faith Girls are all getting tattled on by their felines and canines. That's right, talking pets are going to give you the goods!

Angie's new kitty, Muse, is a SomaliX male with a fetish for books! He's garnering quite the fan club over on Facebook with Muse's Summer Reading Picks and is considering expanding his stellar career as a book promoter in the near future. Here's what Muse has to say about his writer...

Muse helps Angie write
Angie: Muse, I hear you're going to spill the sardines about me...
Muse: My understanding is you are to be editing today, Writer. (Sheesh, she needs me to keep her on track!)
Angie: Yes, but we're doing an interview.
Muse: You have a lot of busy excuses. Always doing something, aren't you, Writer? (I've never met a workaholic like her! There's always another project at deadline.)
Angie: Shh, nobody knows that. So Muse, you really do a lot to help me get creative.
Muse jumps through hoops for his writer.
Muse: I jump through hoops for you, Writer. (She just lays her Pilates ring down anywhere! She says it helps her workout more if its within view.)
Angie: Why do you call me Writer?
Muse: Duh, I'm your muse. Phht. (I'm a muse, she calls me muse. She's a writer, you get the picture.)
Angie: Uh, yeah. So tell me about yourself.
Muse: I'm a Somali-cross who likes to push his writer to get creative. I use all sorts of tricks including putting a pen right under her nose. (Really my job is to distract her and help her to take breaks because she is a workaholic who won't otherwise rest, but don't tell her that or she'll be on to my tactics.)
Muse pushes a pen to Angie
Angie: But Muse, usually you're hiding my pens!
Muse hiding pens under sofa (He has a pile under there!)

Muse: I thought this was about your quirks, not mine. (See? It's just one of my stealth tactics to distract her.)
Angie: But Muse, you literally stole all my pens and hid them under the sofa!
Muse: So? You use a laptop. (And I sitteth on mine throne.)
Muse on Angie's laptop.
Angie: What's your favorite part about being a pampered kitty of a writer?
Muse: Pampered! Who's pampered? You have me reviewing books every day! (Seriously, she sticks a book in front of me every day and asks me my opinion. What's a muse to do?)
Pampered kitty, Muse.
Angie: Yes, but your Muse Summer Reading Picks are famous! You're famous!
Muse: I'm just doing my part to make this team successful, Writer. By the way, you should get back to editing. Come on, back to the keyboard... (Sometimes I like to write with her, but don't tell her that. She might start making me do the writing like she makes me review books!)
Back to work, Writer!
Angie: Yes, I know.
Muse: Good, I'll be watching from over here as I take a nap, I mean, supervise.
Muse supervises Angie's writing and editing
About Muse: Muse is a 2 year old male Somali X who was rescued from the streets. He's super gentle, loves kids, and is very playful. Muse is an early bird while his writer is a night owl. Opposites do attract. Muse has a daily book review on facebook over on Angie's profile. His dog-like nature wins over everyone who meets him while he still adores catnip, chasing feathers and toys, and exploring. Angie has had to move the sofa to find all her pens and expects to be doing that weekly. Muse's favorite toy is Angie's toddler granddaughter (fondly called Guppy online). His favorite song is Rubber Ducky. He'll come running to play when Guppy asks for Rubber Ducky and swish his tail while Guppy sways and bee-bops to the tune.


  1. What a cutie! Love the photos. :)

  2. How fun! Muse is quite active in his role. Good for him.
    I have to pin his photo. He's too cute.

  3. I love Muse!! Great introduction to him, Writer. :)

    Love this.

  4. Lol, ladies, thanks. I can't wait to interview your pets as they dish up their celebrity authors :)