Saturday, July 6, 2013

Angela Breidenbach works out

Diana here:
It's time to do some checking up on Angela Breidenbach. This one is a little harder because I can't send her questions. She's disappeared. Yes, really--gone from the inbox.

She's on deadline and writing as fast as she can so I get to either tell the truth, or use my fiction skills to tell extravagant things about this F.A.I.T.H Girl. Like this:
Angela can walk with rubber bands around her ankles. True or Fiction?

When I asked for a photo of her office, Angela sent me this.
Adorable, yes?
Yes, it is her office. And that is one of her grandchildren sleeping in the corner. OR...Angela has kidnapped someone's child.  Calm down, it's really her grandchild. Look at all those books on her shelf!

She sent me this one too:
That's her cat, Muse, he has his own blog! A-Muse-ings!

Angela is multi-talented. She has an amazing speaking voice, she writes, is a mentor and she coaches one-on-one in writing, pageant competition, media presentation, and weight loss/physical fitness. AND if that isn't enough she is certified in mentor/peer counseling as a Stephen Minister and also as a CTA Life Coach.

Let's not forget she's also writing fiction and non-fiction books too!

Could this be why she has disappeared and claims her office is too messy to send more photos? I think so.

I met Angela in St. Louis and can tell you she is the most giving and gracious person. I suspect God gave her extra gifts because she is so good at handling them.

And yes, she can walk with thick pilates rubber bands around her ankles and does while working with clients at the gym.

You can find out more about her through these sites:
Angela Breidenbach's sites: on Wednesdays each week.


  1. I've always said, Ang is the busiest person I know. She does handle things well. And she is also Mrs. Missoula! I love that part of her story as well. :)

    1. I know! You'd think that title would make her intimidating to be around...but it doesn't. :)

  2. Thank you, Diana :) I finished an editing deadline at midnight. Sweating bullets on that one to keep my word while having grandkids all week and family in from out of town. Wonderful, but some all-nighters so grands had Grammy time :) my office exploded all week with stuff pushed out of the way for 40 people to visit during the 4th for our annual family/friend party. Poor Muse hasn't had access to the keyboard to post his new blog either! But we should both begin to catch up this week, whew! Between deadlines, hubby's and dad's b-days, the holiday, and coaching I am not sure what day it is!
    And Lindi laughs and says, what's new? ;)

    1. Not only Lind laughed...I've figured out you are a 'never sit still person.'

  3. I'm sure I'd be tripped up by the bands around my ankles! LOL

    Love the shot of Muse. :)

  4. You're so right, Diana. I start fidgeting if I have to sit too long, lol.
    That's so Muse, Missy :) He likes to explore constantly :)

  5. Missy I thought that to when she told me,but the way sheep does it seems safe.

    I need to fidget, I sit at the computer and turn to stone.