Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crazy Little Thing Called Life

I'm baaaaaack.... Did you miss me?


Let's see, I haven't posted since...FEBRUARY! Where have I been?

Physically, in the usual locations. Mentally? Well, that's another story. You know, sometimes life not only gets in the way, sometimes it explodes and makes a big gooey mess all over you.

You know you can relate.

Life just happens. The good, the bad, the ugly. We can't stop it. We definitely can't ignore it (I know, I've tried). So, like it or not, we must embrace it and carry on.

During the months of May and June, I was flat-out covered up with life. Prom, band banquet, and an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. All while preparing for my daughter's wedding at the end of June. A wedding that was to be held at our family ranch some four and half hours away. That meant lots of work had to be done. Like manual labor to get the house ready for the big day. Like I needed to be there, not here.

In the buffet line of life, my plate was full. Or so I thought. But in the midst of things, my aging mother took ill. Suddenly all of my focus shifted to her. Life slowed to one day--make that one minute--at a time.

But God is good. He helped me, often carried me, every step of the way. He not only allowed me to accomplish everything that needed to be done, He gave me the time and grace to accomplish things that weren't even on my radar. And He so graciously gave me little gifts along the way. Those unexpected things that would just totally make my day.

Like my very first book cover.

By the time July 1st rolled around, everything had worked out just the way it was supposed to. Our oldest son was a high school grad and our youngest daughter had married the man of her dreams.

Yes, life is nothing if not unexpected. So how do you handle it when thing go awry? Do you dig in your heels and refuse to budge, or do you hold on tight and ready yourself for the ride?

Better yet, turn over the reins to the One Who's in charge of it all:-)


  1. I try to hide from the disasters of life but since they rep refuse to go away I get out of bed or off the couch Andy stRt following God.. That should be my first step, but that seems to easy so I jnpdo it my way first. Never works out well whe I do that.

  2. I know what you mean, Diana. Why is it we so often think we can take care of things better than God? I get so annoyed with myself sometimes, wondering why my first instinct isn't to go to Him, when I know good and well He's got things covered way better then I could in my own power.

  3. I don't know how you did it all, Mindy! Must've been through prayer.

    Gorgeous photos!! And I'm so excited about your book! Y'all be sure to click on it in the slide show. You can pre-order it already!!

    1. Missy, it was definitely the power of prayer because there's no way I could have handled everything in my own power.

      Yes, The Doctor's Family Reunion is available for pre-order and/or you can also buy it in a bundle with Ruthy's September release!

  4. Mindy, yes, it HAD to be the power of prayer! Glad you are back, DID miss you. Congrats on the wedding and your BOOK! You are such an inspiration to us.
    Jackie Smith

    1. Aw, thanks, Jackie. Nothing quite like the power of prayer. Like Lindi says, God is good--all the time!

  5. Mindy has a book!!!! Congrats to you, girl! That is awesome news.

    1. Thanks, Jenny. And you are too funny. That's why we love your Tweets. You always make me smile.