Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Family Traditions on Independence Day

Angie here:
Every year we hold a huge Independence Day party in Montana that's become a tradition. We have family birthdays flanking the holiday. Usually 40-50 people show up. We started simply shooting off some fireworks and bar-be-cue in the backyard. But it was fun. And it grew. And grew. And grew. Now we have a huge family reunion every year to celebrate. We have the biggest yard and live out where it's safer to have all the fireworks.
Bocce Ball in the Backyard

With yards in front, back, side, and on the side will be full of yard games. Bocce Ball in the front, badminton in back, sprinklers with baby pool in the orchard under the four shady trees, horseshoes in the side yard, and the pasture will hold the fireworks party.

Tables are set out all over the place with lawn chairs. Potluck items come and go all day long. Kids race in and out and around the house with bubbles, squirt guns, and frisbees.

It gets dark very late here, around 10:30pm. So fireworks don't start until after that with all the lawn chairs pulled together in the middle of the horse pasture. Piles of blankets and jackets get handed around because even if the day is in the 90s (supposed to be 99 this year), the night temperatures still drop down to chilly. Sometimes it's been as low as the 40s. We're hoping for the 60s this year. It would be a first though, lol. It might break our family traditions on Independence Day to have a warm night.

Our show is quite spectacular. People pool funds for the biggest display possible. Last year we even had rating sheets so we'd know the favorites to buy this year! Then parents collect up their kids (and usually the wrong bowls or lawn chairs that have to be traded later) and carry out the little worn out munchkins to sleep on the way home. Noon to midnight—one full day of laughing people and rich family life all because other people fought to give us our freedom. I'm so very grateful.

Happy birthday, USA! We are so privileged to celebrate it with those we love.
What do you do to celebrate our great nation?
What are your family traditions on Independence Day?
I'll likely be chasing kids through the water...


  1. I love love love this day. Well, not the exact day, my day will happen this weekend. We had out to my moms where we can do fireworks. Everyone pools the money to get stuff to shoot. We have a lot of sparklers and write USA with them while my son takes a photo. Good food, family and freedom. It's a good day.

  2. Ang, THis sounds like so much fun. I love the family aspect of it, too. We usually have a family member having a party. We hang out with them and friends. I made a Trifol this year...but I'm craving potato chips and dip. Figures!! Have a great time. And hey, it was 65 this morning her in Ga. Crazy weather!!

  3. I agree, family and freedom are the reason for the holiday. It was amazing :) next year is a weekend so we expect a bigger crowd. Wow!

  4. I agree, family and freedom are the reason for the holiday. It was amazing :) next year is a weekend so we expect a bigger crowd. Wow!