Monday, July 8, 2013

Research Trip--Fort Valley, Georgia

Lindi here.

Recently my family and I went on a research trip. Yes, the fam. Aren't they wonderful?

There were 7 of us. We went to Fort Valley, Georgia.

Fort Valley hosts the annual Peach Festival, a tradition which started in the early 1920's, but was cancelled in 1926 I believe because it was too stressful. They picked it up again in the 80's and have been hosting it ever since.

I have a series of books that I would like to set here. There is a lot of interesting history. We had a lot of fun at the festival and I have more pictures to share, but will do so in the upcoming weeks. I found some very cute crafts, and I'll leave you with a sample picture.

How cute is this?

Have you been to any local festivals lately? Are there any you go to every year?


  1. I haven't been to any lately. But LINDI! Where's the Georgia TECH decorative item??? :) :)

    For those who are wondering what I'm talking about, my son will be attending Tech in the fall. LOL

  2. We have a strawberry festival in May. Love that one.