Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tour Mindy Obenhaus's office

Diana here:
After today you'll have seen where everyone works --at least part of the time. The truth is none us work in our offices all the time. Our writer brains keep us up at night, cause us to turn left instead of right and the worse part for me? Instead of finding my grocery list in my hand I stand at that entrance to the store holding a character chart.

Mindy Obenhaus writes about faith, family and happily ever afters.
She has a beautiful serene office.

She has excellent taste. I say that because I have the same shelf she does in my craft room!

When I asked her for photos she said it was too messy...I don't see a mess Mindy!

Aha, mabye she was refering to the boxes? Still...I think she might be exagerating on the mess.
And who is that adorable puppy, Mindy?

MINDY: I have two dogs. Dixie is our golden retriever. Gracie is black and white, an Australian shepherd/blue heeler mix

You can find Mindy at  While you are there check out her Ouray page.
Mindy, do you go jeeping? On your about Mindy page
there is a photo of a pretty yellow jeep and you! Do you drive this one?

MINDY: I love jeeping, but we only do it when we go to Ouray. Which usually means summer, when the passes are open. The jeep in my photo was a rental. We usually fly up there. My heroine in my upcoming release owns a jeep tour company in Ouray. She spends a lot of time driving the old mine roads.

Diana: Can't wait to read that one, Mindy. My son and his wife love off-roading. I'll have to get her a copy too.

Now that you've see where we work we want to know where YOU work! Tell us in the comments what you do with your day and yes, taking care of your family counts!


  1. Beautiful office! I don't see a mess either! :)

  2. love the mess which isnt really a mess. xx