Thursday, July 11, 2013

Visiting Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales

Missy, here. Two of my kids are in the UK right now, touring with a group from their high school. They're having an AMAZING time! I thought I'd share a few scenic photos with you.

First, here's Blarney Castle. And the second one is of my son kissing the Blarney Stone. Look at the original, and you can see how high up it is! You'll see the bars he's holding on to.

I wonder if he'll come home giving me all kinds of compliments...? :)

Here's Beaumaris Castle in Wales. Check out the moat!

And look at this gorgeous shot in the Lake District in England. This is off a walking path between Windermere and Grasmere...

I so wish I could have gone with them on this trip! Do any of you have plans for vacation this summer?


  1. Missy, I never had a big desire to go to the U.K. until I saw your pix. Now it's on my bucket list. Simply gorgeous. And I bet it's not 100 degrees there.

    My guys are all going to Alaska with the scouts. That's their big vacay this summer. I will be heading back to my favorite place on earth--Ouray, Colorado--next month. Can't wait to see me some mountains. (And thermometer readings below 100) :-)

    1. Mindy, that sounds wonderful! I hope you have a great time and enjoy the cooler weather.

  2. So funny our kids were there at the same time!

  3. I know! And I took your lead and gave instructions to pick up a baby souvenir. :) They'll be there next week too so will hopefully be able to greet the royal baby!

  4. I love the photos. These are places I've always wanted to visit.