Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blinded by the Everyday

Diana here:

Does your Monday start off like this?
1. Do laundry
2. make menu
3 take dinner out of freezer
4. make bed
5. call mom
6. plan baby shower
7. feed cats
8. fold laundry and put it away
9. write a chapter
10. and the list goes on.....

woman's hand writing on steno pad

Is your life similar to this list? Most likely it is. We get bogged down, blinded by what we find important tasks. It's true these things must be done but what are we missing while doing them?

This week while crossing off your list of things I challenge you to take time and say Jesus, thank you  for having laundry to do, food to eat and the work you've been called to do.

I've been doing this for a few weeks and it is slowly helping me remove the blinders of routine and appreciate the gifts God has given me.

Anyone want to accept the challenge of doing this with me?


  1. I'm up for the challenge, Diana!!

  2. Actually, my list is much different. I do all those little house chores on breaks from editing and writing now. I do it completely different so that when I take a break, I'm up and moving instead of sitting all day. Then little things like feeding Muse happens with a cat feeder. So I fill it once every two weeks. The one house chore I do in the morning is the dishes. I like seeing the deer, the horses, the mountains out my window so I choose to do them in the morning instead of when it's dark out. I find putting the little things in my break times works for a 10 min break and makes my sit-down time more productive. But it seems to work differently for different people.

    1. Interesting way of doing things, Angie. I'm afraid I'd never get anything done if I did it that way though. LOL Oliver and Wendell don't have enough self control for a self feeder.

  3. I love that challenge, Diana. To be thankful for household work. I'm much more likely to gripe about it.