Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Calendar options for juggling time management

Angie here: Have you ever wondered how all the balls were going to stay in the air while you juggled underneath them? Sometimes I'd rather stick my head in a bag and let them all drop.

Muse plays in a bag
Sometimes sticking your head in a bag seems better than dealing with reality. But really, there's some better options even if #Muse would rather play with the bag.

With articles, events, books, coaching, get the picture. I'm sure you have quite the list too. So how does it work?

It takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. But calendar options for juggling time management is a great way to get mentally free of the juggling stress. 

For mine, I work off of a series of calendars and lists. My favorite tools are Google calendars (coaching schedule, family, and appearances), a large desk calendar for client projects (edits, virtual assisting, and specialty appointments), and my day timer (personal appointments, notes, and medical/other). I do also create a working to-do list for most daily work or things I have to remember.

Why so many calendar options?

The Google calendars are accessed by completely different people. 
The large desk calendar keeps the variety and volume of projects managed with notes and billing cycles.
The day timer manages private appointments I don't want accessed by others or hanging on a wall. I do include a back up of work, coaching, and appearances in case online access is unavailable.

So these are a few of my time management and project management tools. It works for me. What are some of your tools and ideas?


  1. We have a family wall calendar. I have a work calendar (desk calendar with month view and tabs). And I LOVE my iCal on my phone. I have it automatically give a reminder for ever calendar event. It keeps me on track! :)

    1. I think I've accidentally turned of my iCal. Hmm. Need to check that.

  2. I have one calender --google. If it ever disappears I'll be a hot mess.

    1. Do you put all family and business together on it? Does anyone else have access to use it? I have an appearance calendar that my publishers, agent, publicists, and speaking agent have access into. They just don't care about my fitness schedule or kid's birthday or volunteer projects and vice versa.

    2. I do have everything on it because google calendar lets you make individual calendars and have them all show or only the ones you pick.
      Nope, no one else has access.

  3. These are great tools, Angie! I have a work calendar on my desk at my day job, a day planner on my dining table at home for household tasks and appointments and writing goals, then a year at a glance calendar on my office door for speaking and singing gigs. I also write goals on a whiteboard in my office. Whew--I'm worn out just typing about it!


    1. It's amazing how many calendars work to help us work. I use the multiple calendars because I give access to the online calendars for the appropriate folks. But not all the folks need access to the other folks info like fitness clients versus publisher/publicist/agent. And family doesn't care about any of that, lol, they just want to know when I'm in or out of town or if dinner is going to be late.