Thursday, August 22, 2013


 photo tumblr_mlg8ndw20K1rgx9fvo10_1280_zpse5a0a1cf.jpg
Photo Credit: Photobucket Staff Pick (click photo to follow link)

Missy, here. I Just got an email advertising the staff picks at Photobucket. I LOVED this one.

If you click the photo, it will take you to the site, and you can look at other stunning photos.

I think what I really liked on this one was the contrast between yellow and blue. It reminded me how you can make something stand out when you put it next to something that's very different (like colors that are nearly opposite on the color wheel).

We can do this in our writing.

We can use setting to contrast with character emotions. A gorgeous, sunny day paired with inner emotions in turmoil or with tragedy.

A character achieving her life-long goal of a promotion, but only at the expense of losing newly-found love.

A neat and tidy room while a character's life is falling apart.

Chaos around a character but perfect calm and peace inside as a final puzzle piece falls into place when he realizes he's in love.

We can have so much fun playing with this while writing. So is there something you're working on where you can use contrast?


  1. I think it helps to use contrast when in a conversation or speaking engagement too. Sometimes it's just the right way to drive a point home.

  2. Interesting idea, Angie. I'll keep that in mind. :)

  3. I like to use it in life--would this person be different in a different situation? That sometimes gets me through those moments when I want to 'not like' a person.