Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hidden Not Gone

Diana here:

Do you have something you just love that makes your life easier?

I do. My iPad is one of my favorite things. It's so easy to take on a long car ride. I found that I can compose emails, tweet, write and play games if the sun isn't shining or we are driving in the dark.

On our last trip to Nashville it was sunny. No iPad for me, then I thought why not try my sunglasses? Now this might be a no brainer for most of you but my sunglasses don't have those wonderful trifocals that let me see up close.

With the glasses perched on the bridge of my nose I pulled out my wonder toy and turned it on.

Panic gripped me.
The screen was dark. Maybe I hadn't charged it, easy fix, we have a plug in the car, except the screen remained dark. I pushed the on/off button hoping it was something I forgot to do.

Still nothing. Just darkness
ipad 2 with pink Jennifer Lopez sunglasses
I felt so lost. My fun was gone. How would I do the review I promised, write that blog post that was due, tell my friends I'd made it to Nashville? And I had not brought anything else to do on the car trip, no knitting needles and yarn, no paper or even a pen. I felt lost, stuck and yes even a bit lonely.

Yes, I admit it this was pure foolishness to feel all of these emotions but hang with me....
I figured I'd take a nap so I slid off my sunglasses.
cat as screensaver on iPad2
And there was my screen. It had been hidden by my sunglasses. I was overjoyed.

There was a time when I thought I was really alone. I was scared but that didn't matter becasuse my mom raised a strong daughter. I could get through this time in my life without anyone's help.

It wasn't going well, then a friend helped me remove those 'sunglasses of pride' and I was able to see all that God had put before me. Friends, family and even people I barely knew were there to help me.

I was never alone. God is always there and He provides.
He's promised to never leave or forsake me or you!
Joshua 1:5

What about you? Have you had your sunglasses on? What did you discover when you took them off?
Tell us in the comments please! We love to hear your voices.


  1. I am starting my fourth month of un-employment and with God's constant grace am coming to appreciate the down time I was forced into. I had a job I loved and expected to be kept on. My employer had other ideas and when the job came up for renewal, hired someone else to fill it. To say the least, I was devastated - I'd poured my heart and soul into the ministry this job entailed. I've spent the last 3 months learning that God sustains. He needed to get me inactive enough so that I could hear Him. I'm beginning to now and am finding a contentment and peace (most days) in being at home, without transportation (My car broke and we decided to not replace it so we could pay off some of the bigger bills). I am so much more aware of God's presence now. When I begin to panic about work I can go to Him and declare "I"m yours- do with me as You will". It's a freeing position to be in.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      First thank you so much for sharing this with us. Sometimes it feels lonely when you write a blog post and it seems no one is reading it.

      I've not been in your exact place but have been in similar circumstances, especially the financial ones and wondering if Im on the path God has chosen for me. I like what you are doing. I'm going to try that this week, "I'm yours-do with me as You will."

  2. Hi anonymous,
    It's really hard to go through these journeys. I've decided it's valuable, but not so much fun in the process sometimes. This last spring, I wondered if I needed to change directions. Started praying it through. When I was ready to give up, God wasn't. Right around the corner, after weeks of worrying on my part, He had the answer. But I'll tell you the answer came as a surprise. Not something I expected, not something I knew to ask for, and it's still coming. But remembering the very scary time before, I still feel there's no way I could have been in the position I was and moved into where God wanted me to go if I'd stayed there. I hope that gives you something to grab onto as you wait for the light around the corner.
    God, please hear this request and help our anonymous friend to be sustained as the journey is revealed.