Saturday, October 19, 2013

Do you worry?

Diana here:

It's been quite the month where expenses seem to soar out of sight, and then somehow they settle into something more manageable.

This month it was new glasses for me! I love getting new ones, this time I picked a purple frame. Sounds pretty out-there but it's surprisingly neutral. So there was that expense.

We planned on the trip to Michigan for a good friends wedding.

What we didn't expect was my computer to DIE. That has brought a lot of stress. Do we buy a new one, but I want a MAC! Can't afford one of those, maybe I can get mine fixed, but how many programs will I need to repurchase?

Then there are tires to buy for the car, truck and two trailers.

The more I thought of all the money needed to do these things my heart rate would rise, my stomach would clench and I wanted to lie on the couch and cover my head with a blanket.

Then I remembered. I'm not in charge of my life. God is. He's said so many times, even given me verses to remind me not to worry.

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?" Luke 12:26  Click to Tweet

So I went to the wedding and let God take charge.
The computer has been fixed, a few tires purchased and my glasses are perched on my nose.
God is in control.

What do you worry about?


  1. Diana, I loved your lighthouse and Scripture. I pinned it. Made a new board for it!

    I'm a worrier, too. Ties my stomach in knots. I usually pray and try to remind myself to turn it over to God.

    1. Missy, thanks so much for pinning my photo. :)
      I wish I could turn off the worry. It's my 'thorn."

    2. For me, frequently worry will manifest itself physically. I'm chewing Rolaids as I type this! I try to pray and quote scriptures that are applicable to the current "worry" of the moment.

    3. Hear you on that, Edwina, I have a huge jar of Tums!