Thursday, October 17, 2013

Festival of the Book Missoula

Main floor of the Festival of the Book Missoula

 Do you like attending festivals? I love them. The atmosphere is always up, positive, and full of energy. Festival of the Book Missoula is the largest festival in the Pacific Northwest for books, writers, and readers. I didn't know that until I read the article on it. And by taking part in various events through the weekend, I'm so very impressed with how many creative ways we can share our writing. We had novelists, non-fiction, song writers, movies, script writers, poets, and even newspapers and TV!

 This was the first year Christian authors were invited to participate. That's been a delightful opportunity. We spoke at several of the venues including the Garden of Read'n, my local Christian bookstore.


Janet Chester Bly entertains her audience with a reading.

 Out of 10 venues, we ended up at several for presentations or participation sharing Christian writers and the Christian book industry: Holiday Inn Parkside (main floor) had our double-sized booth with prizes and author signings, The Garden of Read'n hosted us for short talks and readings, the Missoula Art Museum hosted a mixer for rubbing elbows with the 80 authors present for the festival, and a few of our members attended other readings, movies, and events at the Roxy Theater. 

Mind and Soul of Christian Fiction panelists:

L-R: Miralee Ferrell, Janalyn Voigt, Tracie Peterson, Valerie Comer, Janet Chester Bly, and that's me (Angela Breidenbach) in front. We had a great time with our audience!

The Holiday Inn Parkside also hosted the main panels and talks in ballrooms. The Christian authors had a panel called the Mind and Soul of Christian Fiction. It was hugely successful with a lot of hysterical laughter caused by our fiction string slam. I called out a page number and then each author read the top two lines from their book on the identical page number to create a string story. Try it with a book club! You can't help but laugh yourselves senseless!

Have you attended a book festival?
What are your "don't miss" kind of events?
I'd love to hear so I can think about ways to incorporate them for next year's Festival of the Book Missoula.

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  1. That was a fantastic weekend! Had lots of fun and made many new friends. Such a blessing!