Monday, October 14, 2013


Lindi here.

Today I'm talking about some new music. New music from one of my favorite musicians.

Matt Redman

Matt lives in England with his wife, Beth, and their 5 children. The church I attend Sunday evenings, Passion City Church, has amazing ties to the music of Christian worship. Matt Redman leads worship at least a couple of times a year. The man has a heart and a voice for God.

And we are blessed by it.

His new CD, Grace Finds Me doesn't disappoint.

This was my CD of choice last week. All week on the way to work. It might just stay my choice this week. The title track and every other track bring home the awesomeness of God, and who He is.

If you like worship music, check out this cd. You can click on the Matt Redman link above and buy the CD from his website.

What CD's have you been listening to lately?


  1. I need to start listening to music again. I've been driving in silence since my CD player broke a few years ago. I barely ever turn on the radio. Maybe once a week. I don't listen much at home either because THAT player is also about to break. And I don't like my iPhone earbuds.

    I think it's time for technology updates!

  2. Lindi,
    I bought this CD the night Matt led worship at PCC. It is awesome and I love the title track. I listen to Sirrus radio in the car and they have begun to play the title track - heard it 2 times today. His music is truly anointed!

    Also, Natalie Grant has a new CD out called "Hurricane" with that as the title track too. Every hour today on Sirrius XM, she has introduced one of the songs on the CD and all that I heard were fantastic! She recorded "I Love the Lord" - the one that Whitney Houston did - and Natalie rocks that song - made me want to stand up and shout - except I was driving!!

    1. Edwina. :) I love that first track, and I love the title track. I find myself singing that song a lot. And Natalie Grant is amazing as well. I haven't heart her new CD. I'll have to have a listen. LOL to the reaction in the car. No Standing!! Shouting is perfectly acceptable though. So great seeing you at Passion.

  3. Missy! Yes, technology update time. I LOVE my music!! I don't listen to much radio at all. I do have XM in my car, and there are a lot of channels that have interesting music. :)

  4. Music is so important to me. I think it's interesting I've gravitated from other forms to Christian music of all forms. Thanks for the ideas. I like Matt Redman too.