Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Corner of Despair and I Give Up

Are you sitting on the corner of DESPAIR and I GIVE UP?

Diana here:

There is a common thread to conversations I've had with friends. They are ready to give up, health care is an issue for many, a troubled teen, so many things that need to be done-and no time to do them.

Are you there too?
Is this you on the couch?
Looking alone and and without hope?
 Disclaimer: It's my book cover. My character feels and looks lost doesn't she?

So what are we to do when we look and feel like this?
My first reaction is to call a friend and fuss. This is not a good plan. Sometimes it helps to talk it out with another woman, but sometimes it brings her down into the own pit next to mine. And while you both think how nice it is to have pits next to each other, and you begin discussing ways to decorate it we forget what needs to be done to work on the real problem.

You have to take it to to the ONE, Emmanuel--God with us....God with ME! Not sitting on the couch in another house talking to me on the phone.

HE's with ME.
HE's with  YOU!

Cling to that name--Emmanuel--God with us. Tell HIM your fears and desires first before going somewhere else. If you do, your problem may not be solved today or even in this lifetime, but you'll be stronger. You'll have God on your side--no all sides and within! Angel armies will encircle you!

You'll be able to get off that couch, put down that phone and get to work.

If you and your friend  go to God first you might end up planning the decor in the mansion being built for us right now in heaven.

That sounds like a lot more fun than decorating a pit on the corner of DESPAIR and I GIVE UP.

Your thoughts?


  1. Diana, this is such a good reminder. I think we tend to get stuck "venting" and whining to friends when we need to go to the Source of comfort and direction.

    1. Missy, I think for me it is the instant gratification of heaing someone agree with me. :)

  2. Diana, I agree... but all this time I thought maybe I was wrong not reaching out to a friend first. I often take walks or find another peaceful option and listen to what He has to share with me. His guidance is always right, always comforting. Then, sometimes, I do share with a friend.

    1. Awesome Elaine! Check back for part 2 on Saturday!