Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Magician's Apprentice

Angie here: I'm drowning in canning jars! It's harvest season and then some around my house. Right when I'm supposed to be editing, prepping to lead a retreat, starting my next book, and coaching... I feel like The Magician's Apprentice during this harvest time. I sleep and see dancing jelly jars, lol. Like Mickey, if I conduct during the jelly jar jam session, they'll multiply. Ack!

We've been canning and canning and canning. Not so unusual for Montana folks except that we stopped canning for several years. Now we're back at it. We had a bumper crop on apples, tomatoes, zucchini, plums, and more. But fresh foods call for immediate action. An extra day or two and we lose most of our crops. Not an option after all the work hubby put in outside and I am managing inside as we change from summer to fall.

I have Oregon grape jam, apple jelly, apple butter, salsa, zucchini relish, dill pickles, spicy green beans, plum jam, dried apples, dried pears, more pears as well as more apple stuff coming. I'm plum tuckered out! Especially if you saw the amount that's covered my counter each night. I'm so thankful to God for all this food! I don't want it to go to waste even though I've tried to give some away.

I've tried to wave my magic wand and grant hungry people all this food. But no matter how hard I wave my arms like the Magician's Apprentice, I can't make my small garden feed millions in China, India, or other places including downtown. But I can honor what the Lord has provided through canning and serving others.

To be honest, I don't know that all this canning is saving us any money after buying more and more jars. I think we just love knowing we made it and it tastes so good. We know the ingredients are organic and fresh (okay, except how fast the tomatoes turned).

Now if only I knew how to decorate a home and keep it organized, I'd be delighted ;)

Do you like harvest time?
Do you can? Or freeze?


  1. Angie, I'm impressed! I've never canned anything. I just buy cans! :)

    Sounds like you had an amazing garden this year!!

  2. I'm big on freezing, because it is easier. The last two years have yielded little to eat though much less freeze. Enjoy your bounty!

  3. Angie, I love canning, but haven't done it in years. I used to put up peaches, pickled jalapenos, and strawberry and blueberry jam. And I still have all my jars. (The best place to buy them cheap is at garage sales, then you only have to splurge for the lids)

    You'll enjoy the fruits of your labor all winter long!

  4. It's been quite the long canning season already, lol. I'm ready for it to be over, but I really like the results.

  5. How wonderful, Angie. I've never canned. I do save jars to give to my mother-in-law who rewards me with canned fig preserves which I love. Good luck with all your endeavors.

  6. I adore figs! My favorite, though, like most fruits and veggies, is to eat figs right off the tree. Yum! We used to have a mission fig tree when I was a kid. I miss it.