Thursday, November 14, 2013

America's Funniest Videos

Angie here:

So you think it won't happen... Oh but it does!
Sharing family pictures while standing on a treadmill wouldn't be dangerous, would it? Not when the treadmill is turned off. But I'm here to make the mistake for you!

Yes, babies will do the unexpected. They'll lunge for buttons when you least expect it. They'll hit top speed and challenge your ability to stand upright just like the spinning feet on a cartoon of Flintstones. And yes, this grammy went down hard!

But though I have scrapes and bruises and a sprained foot, I have a miracle to report. 

All I thought of was saving the baby. Not a scratch on her. I plunked her safely an arm's reach away while spinning out of control into a book case!

To me, that's God's intervention even when my stupidity is in the way. After thought: Uh huh. I have an emergency safety pull I could have yanked out before showing her the pics on the wall. But no. I don't tend to think of those things until after the  fact. 

I'm sore and sport some very colorful bumps and bruises. But I have not stopped thanking God for my grand daughter's safety. And my new wisdom ;) the machine will always be in emergency stop whole grands visit. 

Has anything ever changed your actions?


  1. Angie, so glad you weren't hurt any worse. I'm such a klutz - I simply fell on that darn treadmill. No grandchild to save, or obstacle to avoid...except my 2 left feet!

  2. Ugh, Edwina, ow! A few other people have told me similar things since I shared this event. So, we are not alone :)

  3. LOL, Edwina!

    Angie, that's so scary. I'm glad the baby was okay! And that you weren't hurt worse.

    My worst accidents have been a broken foot (didn't see a step) and using a new, very sharp knife! I'm now very careful with new knives. LOL