Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lost in Time

Angie here:
Do you get lost in time? I sure do! I lose track of the day of the week in the mad dash to finish deadlines and projects. I lose track of time when I'm researching (my fav!) or reading. I definitely lose track of time when I'm rushing to finish something before it's time to leave.

It's like I live in my own little mist of Brigadoon (favorite story of all time, by the way). In Brigadoon, time is suspended for 100 years. The town only appears for one day in any given century to protect it, and the people from modern dangers and marauding witches.

I've set up a few parameters to help me. And they do. I have reminders programmed into my Google calendar, to-do lists, and I even set alarms on my phone and stove. All this to help me get out the door to the next appointment or coaching shift.

But alas, I still get lost in time. This morning I started studying in depth on Queen Esther and the feminine graces. An hour and a half later... I'd only meant to read for about 30 min. But I hadn't set a timer! Oh silly me! Especially when every little thought leads to another search for answers. It's like a puzzle. I want to find the answers so I keep going.

Suddenly my stomach growls. I realize I haven't eaten breakfast, showered, or prepped for a computer class. Then I see a reminder pop up on my phone for a business conference hangout. I panic, race upstairs and wash my face. I tidy my still unwashed hair, brush on some blush (because this is not just a conference call, it's a video hangout), and zip on a little eye stuff. I'm ready.

Whew! I race down only 4 minutes late to the hangout... but I'm sitting at my computer. Only, I can't find anyone on the meeting space.

Yep, the reminder is for tomorrow. Sigh. I guess I can do the 20 minutes I have planned on the treadmill, shower, and make it to my computer class on time. Wouldn't that be a novel idea? But I wonder if I'd have to change my whole personality to do it. Hmm. And how to fit getting my snow tires put on into my list now? (And the 20 minutes is now gone because I wrote my blog post instead.)

Do you get lost in time?


  1. LOL, Angie. That sounds so much like something I would do! :) Yes, I get lost all the time. I'm really thankful for phone reminders!

  2. The phone reminders make all the difference, lol. I'm so shocked that our technology has grown to the extent that it can help like that. But so glad.