Saturday, November 2, 2013

Part 2 The Corner of Despair and I Give Up

Diana here:

Last week I wrote about the importance of going to God first with our troubles. Then I realized how much my friends do help me.  They give me a place to safely explain my problems, and as Toby Mac says, "They SPEAK LIFE" back to me.

I still think going to my Father is the first step I should take. Who else knows me so well? Even my dearest of friends aren't aware of my every thought-though some probably think they are. I have good friends who listen.

This week I heard Toby Mac sing SPEAK LIFE this week--on the radio, not in person which I have to say would have been amazing!

The chorus  hit me--Speak Life!  Once you tell the Father about your concerns it's okay to talk to a good friend. Make sure it is a friend who speaks life-positives about what we are here for, how God wants us to react and that God loves us no matter what!

Now that's a conversation, don't you think?

Now here's the fun part-you get to Speak Life to your friends when they call!

Here's the Toby Mac--Speak Life for you to listen too.

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  1. Thans for sharing, Diana! I don't remember hearing that song before. I love it!

    And yes, we definitely need to find friends who will be positive and uplifting. Those who'll help us by looking to God as well.