Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why Leave a Review?

Diana here:

Have you read a good book lately?
If you did, what did you do after you read it?

READER: What ? I should do something after reading a book? Kind of expecting a lot isn't it? After all the I spent money either buying your book, or gas money to get to the library to pick it up.

Diana: You've underestimated your power, Dear Reader.

READER: I have power?

Diana: Lot's of power. If you read a book and post a review on any of the online bookstores you help your favorite author sell more books.  And of course if you write a bad review...

READER: I can write a bad review?

Diana: Yes, but if you do please be specific about why you don't like it. Did the book bring back bad memories for you? Did you think the characters were not real enough? Things like that can help an author with  their new work.

READER: Won't the author get mad?

Diana: Well...I don't think mad, but I will admit bad reviews sting, but if they are written well they also teach. Writer's love to learn and what you tell them in a good or bad review is information they can use.

READER: Let me think about this. I can help someone sell their book and be a feedback person?

Diana: Yes! That's it! Feedback think of a review in those terms. Write the good and the bad about books you like.

READER: Sounds good if you are a writer and I'm not. I hated writing book reports in school. I just want to read a book.

Diana: That's good too. There are other ways to 'review' a book.

READER: Without writing?

Diana: Promise. Tell your friends what you are reading. Tell them why you like it. You don't even have to tell them to go buy it. They trust you (you are their friend after all) so when you read a book you love they may want to read it too.

READER: Doesn't sound that hard after all. I think I can do that.

Diana: From all the authors here on F.A.I.T.H. girls, thank you.