Monday, December 2, 2013

The End

Lindi here.

We all love writing the words, The End when it comes to our books. Readers, as long as they are satisfied like reading the end of a book. Sometimes, though, they want the book to keep going. I know I've read some where I would like to read more of the characters I've come to love.

This message isn't talking about writing The End on a novel. No, it's a different type of ending.

I'm finishing up my four years of being the President of our local ACFW chapter, WORD. It's been a great time. I've met so many people that have impacted my life, I've learned many things that I will take with me on this crazy journey we're all on. I've loved watching our members sign their first contracts, win their first contests and watching other members grow in their writing. We've had amazing speakers and guests and a lot of great brainstorming sessions.

Of course I'm still going to attend the meetings, but the next President, Patty Smith Hall, will be presiding and leading us into a future that I know will be amazing. Her vision for the group has been prayed for over the last year and I know WORD is going to continue to be an amazing chapter.

I know I appreciate every single member and what they have brought to the chapter since I've been president.

Until next week,

Lindi P.


  1. Lindi, we've appreciated all your work! You did a great job.

  2. Lindi,
    Although I was not able to attend many meetings, the ones I did attend were always done in excellence and I'm sure that was due to your leadership. I pray for much continued success for you! Blesssings!