Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Quality Man

Angie here: See that little footstool?
Handmade wooden stool still in use today.

Hubby made that in Scouts eons ago. (Don't tell him I said "eons".) The troop made the stools for a fundraiser. Afterwards, they all made one to keep, everyone signed each other's stools, then they finished the wood. 

And check out the edge of the coffee table... Hang on, Muse will model it for you...
Muse helps model the quality wood coffee table.

Beautifully finished, Hubby made this in high school. And it happens to be one of Muse's favorite spots to plop. It keeps him near Hubby, of course. Those guys are inseparable. 

I love Hubby's hands and his mechanical smarts. He's all about finding the highest quality way to create. He uses that skill with gifts too--and restaurants (he likes eating good food, not just food).

These two wood pieces of furniture are over 35 years old. Yet they're both still in great condition because of the quality workmanship. Both are made out of quality wood. 

Hubby is a quality man and the work he produces makes me feel secure because it's always done to the best of his ability. That's how he's cared for our family.

Thank you, God, for Hubby. 

Look around your home. What do you see that says something about your hubby that makes you feel secure?

Take a moment and thank God for your hubby. 

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  1. I have one of those husbands. I do thank God for him many times a day, but here's the thing I forget to do...thank my husband. I've been working on that--it brings shrugs and secret smiles that I love.