Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Going Without NBC?

Angie here: Mid-December we lost NBC on our satellite provider. For a few days we felt, well, bereft...

We pride ourselves on the low number of complaints...

NBCMontana is actually owned by some company with offices in the Empire State Building. Who knew?? They, of course, want more money. The article explaining the fee hike offered the explanation from both the satellite company and the NBC station provider sides. Interesting how both seem to sound reasonable.

NBCs Disrupted service?

At first I was really irritated. We pay quite the fees already. I think we're about $63/month for satellite on one of the lesser packages. There should be no disruption in service. Then I did a little investigation and discovered the satellite company is trying to avoid a 300% fee hike from the NBC station owners. Huh? Okay, I'm on the side of saving money. To be honest, I'm rooting for DISH on this one–even with NBCs supposed "pennies per customer" concept. Pennies? Add those pennies up and I bet it's a monstrous cost based on the amount of DISH customers affected.

Then there's the reality that we might just watch too much TV anyway...hmm. I think I should thank NBCs snafu for making me take the time to rethink my television viewing.

I wonder if the advertisers have noticed a loss in revenue yet?

I wonder if they even realize as advertisers, they've lost entire markets? If so, are they demanding refunds or some sort of compensation? Hello? I'll bet there's a few contract issues in this little greed battle. Ya think? I'm sure the advertisers are saying to themselves, "It's only a few people and only a few pennies..." Not.

One thing this NBC forced hiatus created? A change of habits. Probably not a good thing for NBC, if you ask me. They've lost loyal viewers (not sure how many hundreds of thousands) over a period of about 21 days. How many days does it take to form a new habit? That's right...21! All those viewers creating new show-viewing habits. Intriguing dilemma, big boys.

I decided to try other shows. I started replacing my morning news shows with Hallmark's Home and Family. Kudos, they're on Pinterest too! Smart peeps for gaining female viewers, aren't they? I found out there's less Sunday night football...Woot! (Okay, not quite fair to hubby, but he watches it 5+ days a week.) Without all the football, we've enjoyed a few lovely conversations and a few comedy nights. (I think I'm in love again, lol.)

The loss of one channel on my TV? Hm, there are still well over 100 to choose from NBC. And yes, I know the Olympics are coming. But I don't like only seeing repeated highlights anyway. Last Olympics found me searching online for the various competitions that interested me because the over-shown highlights took up so much air time. I found quite a few full versions and happily enjoyed the Olympics as I wanted to view them–everywhere except on television.

UP TV and Hallmark.

I also found a few new shows on UP TV and Hallmark. I didn't even know UP TV existed. Nice, I like the family programming quite a lot. :)

Do I need more TV? No. Less TV is just fine. I'm once again more productive. Oh such a surprise, lol.

Oh, and all those favorite shows are going to go into syndication...likely purchased by other networks and shown in the future. Nothing is life and death here. I think I'll get those 7 books edited for clients/publishers and 4 contracted books written in the meantime. I can always watch reruns–if I even remember the shows.

Let me ask: What do you think of rate hikes in this economy? 

Do you think it matters if you lose a favorite TV network?
Would losing a particular show bother you?
How much do you pay for television services? Is it fair?
What do you need to get done that TV interferes with?
Any goals that would benefit from less TV?

(How intriguing that Christy posted about leaving Facebook about the same time I decided to post on letting go of some of our TV addiction–again.)


  1. Angie, I think something similar to your loss of NBC with Dish is going on here in my area with Charter Cable and ABC. We've been seeing a strip cross our screens indicating the two entities are in negotiations but if we as viewers want to keep ABC, we needed to call our TV provider. When I saw the announcement, I knew the only thing I may miss seeing would be the local news. As you know, I returned to work - so I gave up watching my daytime talk shows years ago. As you said, these shows will eventually go into syndication, or can be found online. The sad thing is, I stopped watching most TV, unless it was family friendly, because of our two children. We spend a lot of time together, the kids watching TV with me and the hubby, and we don't want to expose them to half the junk that TV affiliates seem to find acceptable for viewers.

    Years ago, relatives of mind opted to go with a Christian satellite provider to guard themselves from the exposure of the less than quality shows. Luckily there are options for us as consumer. Personally, I am not able to watch very much TV anymore, but I found I really didn't miss it. I needed that one on one time with my kids and husband. It's better to stick my nose in a book when I have a free moment than glue my eyes to the TV. Lately, I'm finding myself in the living room with the family but my nose is pointed toward my laptop screen as I work on another chapter :)

    The Internet is wonderful in that if you missed it on TV, you can likely find it online. You've brought up some excellent points with advertisers and consumers with our habits. One man's greed may lead to another man's gain in this case.

  2. I wouldn't mind losing our directtv, hubby would though. He likes his sports. I've become a fan of amazon prime. No commercials, free shipping and if I get a kindle a book a month all for under $80 a year. That's a fee I can tolerate.

  3. It's interesting how our lifestyles are changing. I think TV providers, stations, and advertising are all in for an overhaul just like the music and publishing business. With new competitors like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc. we have so many new, previously unheard of, options. Fascinating!

    1. The options are many that's true. My kids don't even have regular TV they watch everything through the services you mentioned.

  4. Hi!! Diana, interesting you mention Amazon Prime. I just started a free trial-30 days. So you think it's worth it? I need to check out the programming. I really don't watch much television--or movies. I don't have a smart TV--do you? The people in the ATL area did lose a channel on Jan 1. I saw several posts about it on FB.

    1. Lindi,I think it's worth it if there are things you like to watch. My husband watches a lot of sports. I like to be in the same room with him and we only have one TV. So...the iPad is wonderful. I've found that watching a TV show from premier through the seasons a great writing exercise. You don't lose the intensity because there aren't any commercials so you really notice the hooks between scenes.

  5. I agree. I often DVR the shows I like and then watch them all in one or two days. I see so much more. Now I'm trying it on my iPhone because my new elliptical has a speaker I can plug into. I really enjoy keeping a story going in my mind while exercising. It helps me avoid thinking about the effort I'm exuding :)