Saturday, January 11, 2014

Killing Bigfoot

Diana here:
If you live in North America you know about Bigfoot. The giant hairy man that lives in the woods is spotted several times a year and no one ever gets a good photo of him. For some reason many think it is imperative to capture and kill him. There are movies, false sightings and even once someone said they had them in their freezer. So far he remains free...though I did see a report today that he'd been captured and killed. Yeah, right.

Image credit: <a href=''>dedmazay / 123RF

Why am I writing a blog post on this subject? What could this possibly have to do with F.A.I.T.H Girls?

It may be a stretch but I think we all have a Bigfoot in our lives, which brings me to January and resolutions.  

Bigfoot could be my New Year’s Resolution. The ones I write are pretty impressive, giant-sized even. I can never quite capture a good look at them as they are just out of my grasp. And to be honest I’m pretty sure there is a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup in my freezer.

Bigfoot Resolutions for me
  1. Leave the communion table and make it to my pew without having a negative thought.
  2. Lose the XX pounds I found last year and applied to my hips.
  3. Write at least 3 bestselling books this year.
Yep, I’m going after that Bigfoot Reeces now. 
And this is where I tie it into F.A.I.T.H Girls...those Bigfoot Resolutions don't matter because I know I will fail and that's okay. Christ is there to catch me when I do. 

Did you make any Bigfoot goals this year?

If you don’t live in North America do you have a “Bigfoot” type creature?


  1. Writing 5-6 books :) On top of everything else...

  2. LOL, I love it Diana! I have a deadline Jan. 15th so haven't taken the time I normally take to do my goals and choose my One Word. But I will soon. And I'm sure some of those goals will be a bit too big. But if we don't aim high, we'll never know. :)

    Good luck with your goals!

    1. I love that Im high and see where God takes you!