Wednesday, January 22, 2014

They Moved My Cheese!

Angie here: I've been excited and happy to train someone else to help with a huge monthly project-a major industry newsletter.

I said I'd handle one tiny thing to let everyone know. An autoreminder. I'd changed it so many times in the past. It was so easy!

Until they moved my autoreminder in yahoo groups! What?! I felt like my cat, Muse, searching and searching. Hey, it's got to be here somewhere, right?

They moved my cheese! So it went out unchanged. I know there have been yahoo group updates, but didn't think that would be affected! Sigh. Frustrating and now for the next few weeks, instead of one easy change, I'll be fielding and forwarding info  because I didn't see the full extent of change. 

Just when I know that I know what I know. You know? Argh!

But tucked way down in that auto-reminder was a tempting morsel! A link to update the reminders in yahoo! Oh the bliss! Now to sniff out my cheese :)

UPDATE: No cheese :(

What seemingly small change affected you in a big way? Did you know that would happen?


  1. Oddly enough a time changed my life. More on that Saturday. Yes that was a tease for my upcoming post. :)

  2. And that tempting morsel leads to a blank page that says, "Sorry, we permanently moved your cheese and we're not telling you where to find it." Angie heaves a huge sigh...Anyone know how to ferret out the cheese of editing auto-reminders in yahoo groups? The forum is full of angry yahoo users and no solution. By the time they find my cheese, it's sure going to be moldy. And all the confusion it will cause each month is not going to be fun to handle.