Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beginning Music for Kids

Angie here: In January we started beginning music lessons for my oldest grandson, Boycub #1. He's homeschooling and one smart critter. Boycub #2 comes along for the ride and has some fun too.
Boycub #1
In teaching boys beginning music for kids, I've found it's crucial to allow them activity and to use their very "boy" instincts to help them learn.

 Kinesthetic learning (using physical, visual, audio, etc.)

It's helpful for everyone, but when we use the senses: taste, touch, smell, see, hear and add emotions like joy, compassion, etc. then we internalize and remember. So combining several of our senses and emotion helps the lesson "stick".

So we started our beginning music for kids off with sharps and flats.

Why? Because sharps go up and flats go down. So in Grammy's house there's a set of stairs. When I call out, "Sharp," he runs up and when I call out, "Flat," he runs down. Now he knows sharp is up and flat is down. He's not forgotten it.

Then we learned beats. How? Oh yes. We emptied the kitchen of banging instruments. Pots, pans, bowls, spoons, spatulas, brushes... You get the idea. We learned beats happen when we make a sound. And music is the language of sound.

Now we're working on what a note is and how long a note is held. So if you follow me on facebook, you'll see the story about how we created musical food.

Musical food is a great way to teach music theory to kids.
Each note is a color. Red quarter notes, blue half notes, yellow dotted half notes, and green whole notes. Teach your little one to clap the notes on his plate. He has to clap for each pancake he chooses. The combination of clapping (physical and audio), color (visual), eating (taste), and unusual shapes (joy) make the lesson super memorable. And how do all those notes get measured? We checked out the pancake batter in a measuring cup. All the notes are held together in a measure. Get it?

How would you teach a music concept?

I'm looking for more ideas for preschool-kindergarten lessons. Please share.

Can you count the notes Boycubs 1 & 2 have on their plate? Lol, we're in 4/4 time...Uh, I think a few notes have gone missing...

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  1. LOL! Yep, someone ate a beat! :)

    I took all our kids to Kindermusik when they were little. My daughter, in a stroller while her older brother took his class, even learned the music! They all loved it.