Saturday, February 1, 2014

Communication Changes

Diana here:

I've noticed something strange about family life in the last few weeks.
We've started communicating in a new way.
My son sends a photo-a-day of the new baby via a text message.

This is very fun because I get great photos like this of him seeing his reflection for the first time.
Do those wrinkles mean I'm old?

It's also brought all of my non-engaged sons to life.

Silence has been broken!

They comment on the photos and now another son is sending photos with comments.

I have to say it's breathing some happiness into this mom's life.

How do you communicate with your 'out of the house' children?


  1. How cute.....and how wonderful that your son sends pics/texts...I am sure it makes you so happy! Thanks for sharing!
    I am happy when grandson (an only) sends me pics/texts of things going on at college.....i.e. his flights (wants to be a pilot), the weather, etc.!

    1. Ah! I replied yesterday but it didn't post! Anyway thanks go for giving me hope for the future, techie stuff with my grandson.

  2. Definitely text around here! It seems we rarely pick up the phone to call anymore.

  3. Also meant to say congrats on the precious new grand baby!