Saturday, February 22, 2014

Living like Lot's Wife

Diana here:

How many times have you looked back on your life and wished you could have a "do over." Just one more day God, even an hour to live the way I did in the past. Make my children small so I can tickle their belly's and tell them one more time I love them or read them their favorite book?

Or how about this one (it's one of my favorites) Please God let me be the size I was in high school or at least let me have my energy from back then.

Then there are the things you used to own, I'd love to be able to drive around in my little MGB. I loved that car but had to give it up when our second child was born.

So are we any different than Lot's wife? I used to think so. Surely if God told me to get out of town and not look back that's what I'd do. But would I? Would I have been strong enough?

True God hasn't asked us to forget those precious things He's given us--He didn't ask Lot's wife to forget them either. He said leave them.

Since my house went from five to two people I've been wanting to go back to the way it was, full of little boys and their friends, or teenage boys and friends. Someday's I'd even get so sad I couldn't bear it. I was living in the past, not in the now where God wants me.

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Living in the Past

These past weeks I've been watching my grandson. I thought this would be the most amazing job in the world. It is...but it's not the same as "back then" and nor should it be. I've realized I have to let those times stay in the past this is my grandson, not one of my sons. God has given me new gifts that fit my life now.

Watching the baby has been an experience I wouldn't want to miss and I want to be involved as much as I can. Still, being a grandmother is my role not being his mom. God's telling me pretty clearly I'm meant to spend this season of my life writing and loving my family in a different way.

It will be a challenge to step back and not being the one in charge but it will be great because that's God's plan.

So I'm going to turn my head to the future and visit the past less often.

How about you? Are you living like Lot's wife, looking back and turning into a pillar of salt?

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  1. Diana, I tend to look back, too, especially as each once has gone off to college (can you say traumatic?). I have a college freshman now and am still trying to adjust and accept the new picture of our family with only one child at home.

    I intend to enjoy every moment of having her here! Then I'm sure I'll be sobbing to y'all as she herself goes off to college in a couple of years.

    1. I'm sure there will be, Missy! I cried so hard when my youngest went away to school, and when the other two left. I had no idea what to do with myself. Now I can see all the good things that have happened that wouldn't have if I'd have kept them home.

  2. At the beginning of your post, I thought of all the stuff I used to have that would worth lots of money now.
    Then I thought about forgiveness. About how I need to forgive people from my past and present.
    Then as you were talking about your grandson, I remember or believe that grandmothers (have stopped being mothers). They don't raise their grandkids like they raised their kids.
    For example, I always wanted my kids quite always (like in the grocery store) and now I guess its ok or tolerable.

  3. Oh I forgot. I encourge you to keep on in the Lord. It's a blessing to have heaard from you.